April 23, 2013 – Geometry, Narratives

by Ella and Lauren

Today the grade fives had math first while the grade six's wrote their narratives . We took up last nights homework and corrected our mistakes with a partner (peer assessment). We have a test tomorrow so we have to be prepared. The grade sixes worked on their narrative. The writing prompt was you find a viking pin at a garage sale and you go back in time. [EDITOR: We continue to use our “mountain organizer” and use our self-assessment of our diagnostic to inform our second draft.]

Then we had French with Madame Clark She is filling in for Mademoiselle Rankin.

After break, Gr.5's worked on there narratives and grade 6's had math.

[EDITOR: Grade 6 students took up their review and previewed congruent and similar shapes for the next part of the unit. Both grades worked on solidifying skills in 2-D Geometry in preparation for tomorrow's assessment. Some students went back to working on bumping up their narratives once their math was complete and corrected. Everyone has taken their math notebook, textbook and practice book home tonight to review.

After break we had a much needed desk clean out! Everyone pitched in and helped each other where appropriate — nice “paying it forward” 5/6F! We ended out time together participating in a read aloud of our book “Alexandria of Africa”. At this point, the main character, Alexandria, has discovered that her new Massai friend, Ruth, in Africa has a completely different point of view. Alexandria spends so much time in her life back home trying to impress others and compete with them — but her new friend doesn't have knowledge or understanding of anything that has been important to Alexandria: designer labels, expensive outings, fancy cars. Alexandria discovers that since she can't “impress” Ruth with what she has and what she does back home, she is actually relieved. She can be herself because Ruth will enjoy her company and be nice to her no matter what! Alexandria is also able to start to understand Ruth's point of view: Ruth's fun consists of talking and singing with her friends when they fetch water for their families after school. A very different life.

5/6F students ended the day with DPA with Mr. Obermeyer.


April 17, 2013

By: Victoria and Katelynn

Today was a great day!:) To start off our fantastic day we worked in the lab. In the lab we worked on our science projects — finishing our SMARTboard The grade 5's are explaining Structures (bridges) and the grade 6's are making a flight presentation….it's fun!

Next we had literacy! The grade 6's and grade 5's worked on there organizer for their stories! We did something called a backwards organizer, so we brainstormed, and wrote our story's and then edited them and revised them….then all the sudden….BAM! We did a organizer, it as a sheet of paper that had a orientation – which is the beginning of our story's (we had to write a few points) then there was a complication…(we had to write a few points for that one) Then the Climax…..and then the resolution! It was fun BUT we found out what we missed in our story. For example more details. Then on the back we wrote a self reflection about what we realized we had to add in! Then all of the sudden ANOTHER BAM! We had to write another story BUT adding what we wanted to add! Before we knew it it was French!

After break it was French, in French we worked on our flash cards….that is about it!

Then we had math, in math the grade 5's played a math game that related to geometry, on the other hand the grade 6's did text book work using isometric drawings, we also used linking cubes to build figures then we had to draw them on dotted paper. Then it was break!

After break we had gym! In gym Spencer, Shaun and Victoria taught floor hockey, we are finishing up with a tournament! It is fun!

Then we had Music! In music we sang the music Monday song called ISS (is someone singing)

It was a great day! We had a blast! Tomorrow the grade 5s are going to the Royal Ontario Museum with class 4/5O and the grade 6's will have a chance to participate in some experiments for Science.


Mon., April 8, 2013 – Day of Pink, Science, 2-D Geometry


Another day flew by, where the lines were blurred between Literacy, Science, Character and the creation of a positive school climate. Some Grade 6 students presented the “DAY OF PINK”   SMARTboard presentations they created last week — Farrah and Shaun presented to the primary classrooms and Holly and Steven presented to the junior classrooms. Bravo! Katelynn, Shane and Victoria were the photographers. The presenters will write about their presenting experience on their blogs tomorrow.

Grade 5 students participated in a lesson about Forces on structures and reviewed summaries they have written from Nelson Literacy. Later during their Literacy period with Miss Rankin in the lab, they re-visited the Forces Quizlet they have worked on before, here and then worked at other activities about Forces on Structures at Fawcetts Class Grade 5 Links for Learning.

Grade 6 students participated in a review of Bernouilli’s Principle and an expansion of our list of the properties of air. Do you know what property of air explains the fact that using a “double paper cup” on your favourite hot beverage can make your beverage easier to hold? Later during their Literacy period with Miss Rankin in the lab, Grade 6 students completed the activities at the Quizlet I created here about Flight . More exciting than that, students then began creating their own Quizlets to demonstrate their own knowledge about the properties of air. Links to these can be shared on their blogs.


In Math, both grades tapped into their background knowledge and led each other through a refresher of 2-D geometry in preparation for tomorrow’s lessons. For pictures of this work, and over LITERACY/SCIENCE/POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE, browse today’s “Storify” story — Our day in tweets.