Thursday June, 6th 2013

by Ella and Steven

In French class today, we had fun :). What we did was we cut things out from Newspaper and Magazines to create a college. We did this because we were studying verbs in french class. What we did was cut and paste the pictures to a piece of a paper. Beside the picture we wrote a verb. For example if we had a picture of a book, we would write read in french (because its a verb) The Grade 5’s are in the process of writing a menu with a partner.


In Math, we continue to look at congruence. Grade 6 students took a look at a question completed earlier this week. Something really exciting happened: One student shared a strategy to pick out which 2 rectangles in a wide variety of rectangles were congruent. The strategy related the length of the rectangle to the width of the rectangle. We were able to turn our math lesson into a cross-strand lesson and discuss ratios too!! Using equivalent ratios, we can easily predict which rectangles will be congruent.

e.g. Rectangle A — length = 8, width = 4

———–>if we divide the length and width by 2 we get the dimensions of a congruent rectangle with length = 4, width = 2

We can express the relationship between each length and width with ratios.

length : width Ratio:

Rectangle A ——> 8 : 4

Rectangle B ——> 4 : 2

The ratios 8 : 4 and 4 : 2 are EQUIVALENT RATIOS because if we divide both terms of the first ratio (8 and 4) by 2, we get the length and wide of Rectangle B

Next: We will identify OTHER equivalent ratios to 8 : 4. Can you name some? Is division the only operation we can use? (make a connection to equivalent fractions….)

During Literacy students continued their TLCP work on our the first part of our Learning Goals for Reading & Media. Students worked in groups to study the feedback and levels of 3 pieces of student work from our bump it up wall. Students worked in their table groups at creating Success Criteria (= what students will do in their work to show they understand and have learned the Learning Goal). There was a lot of great discussion and inferring and connecting to previous TLCPs. As a class, we made a common list of Success Criteria which is what we always use to bump up our answers.


  • I can identify whose point of view is represented in a media text


  • I will examine the ad closely
  • I will refer to the Anchor Chart to so I can add more detail about is in the ad (make connections to the people in the world)
  • I will be specific in describing all the people who are represented in the text (using evidence from the text and my own ideas)


  • I can identify missing or alternate points of view


  • I can identify who is missing from the ad (I can describe which physical appearance, physical abilities, ethnocultural background, age, types of families, economic status, cognitive ability, gender, people with a variety of interests)

Next in our groups, we began to take the Level 3- answer to our diagnostic task (Natural Gas advertisement) and bump it up using our success criteria. Finally, we will bump up our individual diagnostic assessment on our own. We’ll then take our new skills and apply them to a [new to us] media work.

Tomorrow we will continue, and also work on social studies in the lab (grade 5: Government — students have done a fantastic job so far on our Webquest; grade 6: Canada and It’s LInks to the World). Grade 6 students will conduct an experiment related to static electricity and if it is sunny, Grade 5 students can conduct their “insulation” experiment with the shoeboxes they insulated with a variety of materials last week.

This coming Tuesday, Grade 5 students will have another day to explore science through hands on learning. Grade 6 students will be travelling to Ancaster Senior Public School for a fun-filled orientation day.

In DPA, we played a whole class tag game called “manhunt”. Lots of laughs & fun 🙂

We ended the day playing the recorder — great posture, articulation (tonguing) and tone from many students. The song is “Clin d’Oeil” (loosely translated from French as “A Wink”). We look forward to sharing our song with you soon!