Oct. 28/2013 – Math (multiplication)


We started in the lab today working on Science/Literacy. We are using Google docs to write summaries of texts about renewable and non-renewable energy. Google docs allow us to collaborate with others: I am able to read students work online and write feedback online. Feedback online is very cool — it allows students to see what steps they need to take to bump up their work as soon as they log back in the next time — and it also allows them to respond to my feedback. We can also eventually add screenshots (pictures) of our work to the electronic portfolios that we will keep online when students begin their own personal blogs.

Back in the classroom, we read our Global Read Aloud, “Out Of My Mind”. We ended the day with French, DPA, and Art!


Oct. 23, 2013 – Global Read Aloud/Out Of My Mind, Multiplication & Patterning, Junior Choir

We started our day in Visual Art with Mr. Obermeyer (wow! lots of detailed and realistic acrylic paintings!), enjoyed Gym with Mr. Greenway mid-day and finished the day in the lab with Mrs. Crocker playing the math game, Prodigy. Interspersed with this, we had a very productive day as well in Room 9!

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Tues., Oct. 22, 2013 – Science (energy), Math (patterning/multiplication), DPA, Healthy Eating

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We were fortunate today to be able to borrow seven iPads from neighbouring classrooms and the Learning Resource room and two neighbouring classroom laptops. Put together with out two class iPads, class computer & iPod, and 3 student devices, we had enough devices to continue our science work (we were all at the same research/google doc phase).