Google India – Nov. 20, 2013

Today we watched a video created by Google. The video tells a story where Google is very helpful…..and so much more! The characters do notspeak English in the video and we so we had to use our inferring skills to decide what we thought the video was about (we had to turn of the “closed captioning”on this YouTube video). It was interesting for us to learn about different parts of the world. It doesn’t matter where we live in the world — we all have the same hopes, dreams, and connection to the people we love. Below, in the comments section, please read the student inferences (told either as a direct response or as a narrative). We used clues to infer the meaning of this oral text, such as:

  • keywords that the characters Googled
  • facial expressions
  • background knowledge
  • events in the “story”

[When you watch the video, be sure to pause it right away and “click”off on the “CC” (closed captioning) icon to turn off the English subtitles 🙂 ]

What do you think the story is about?


Nov. 12th-18th/2013 – Science Culminating Task, Visual Art with Mr. O

Whew! Another week has flown by. It has been refreshing and exciting and sometimes a little confusing — but students have definitely learned a lot of new information during our science inquiry! (Our next science inquiry will be more efficient as we learn from this experience together.) Enjoy the photos in the Storify story ~~ it starts with a short video I shot of the Learning Commons (Room 7), with projects set up. Tomorrow is our big day and we will have all of the Grade 5’s together from both classes! We start in the Computer Lab (PowerPoints, Google Docs, videos of interviews, role play, tv shows, debates, oral presentations etc.) and then move into the Learning Commons for display boards, experiments, and more video (on iPads, SMARTboard). Also in the middle of this Storify are some works of abstract art that students created in Art with Mr. Obermeyer.

Nov. 11/2013 – Remembrance Day, Literacy/Science

So proud of 5F today! Students performed at and “hosted” the Remembrance Day Assembly today. Bravo to Elise and Rohan for being our hosts ~ they performed the script wonderfully! We sang “The Strangest Dream” and Junior Choir members sang “On the Back of an Eagle”, “I’ll Be Seeing You” and “Flanders Fields” (set to music) with the choir. Owen L. did a phenomenal job reciting the poem “High Flight” to the entire school over the PA system, while students stood with admiration and respect for soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the freedoms we enjoy today. Thank you to the students of 5F!

To view photos from today, parents can click the link below and use the password they use on our school blog, Rousseau Ramblings. Below, I have also included a picture of today’s programme.

Rousseau Remembrance Day Assembly 2013 – pictures

Rousseau Remembrance Day Program


We enjoyed very positive comments from parents about today’s assembly including this parent comment left right after the assembly:
“A very well-done remembrance day ceremony today; very emotional. Thanks to all!”