Dec. 9, 2013 – Ojibwe Presentation (Emilie Corbiere)

We were excited to welcome Emilie Corbiere to present to us today, along with the grade 5 students from Mr. Obermeyer’s class. I have enjoyed welcoming Emilie Corbiere to my class in the past, and was so happy that she could present to our class as well as Mr. Greenway’s grade 6 class, too! Here is the Grade 5 presentation is tweets & pics. Be sure to click on “Read next page” to see all the information & pictures. Enjoy!
~ Ms Fawcett

Dec. 3, 2013 – Math (patterning)

One of the activities we completed today challenged us to extend a pattern.
Pattern rule: Start at length =2, width =1 and increase the length and width by 1 each time (so that the length is always one unit longer than the width)
We generated a t-table from our geoboard rectangles (length and width related to perimeter — great introduction to our next unit, measurement!) We solved the problem in one way by seeing a vertical pattern in one column of the table, and then found a second pattern horizontally by relating the length to the width and then the perimeter. Taylor inferred the formula for actually calculating perimeter with these numbers!