Feb. 26th, 2014 – Literacy, Transformational Geometry

Today, students had the opportunity to work this morning with Occasional Teacher Miss Pelletier as well as our regular Wednesday volunteer, Miss Josling. Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to attend an off-site planning session with Mrs. Bosher around the topic of improving “positive school climate” at Rousseau. It is always interesting to share with students where I have gone. I like that students can see me as a learner just like them so I like to share what I’m doing when I am away from them 🙂

Miss Josling started off the day presenting HER speech to students, which she wrote & delivered when she was in Grade 6!!! Thank you Miss Josling, and thanks to Josh M. for recording it on the iPad so that I can enjoy it later 🙂 Students assessed & evaluated Miss Josling’s presentation, participated in a think-pair-share and created an Anchor Chart that summarized all the important ingredients of a good oral presentation:

Verbal Skills (Speaking):
– volume (how clearly our voice is projected)
-articulation (how clearly we pronounce our words, especially letters like “t”, “p”, etc. — no mumbling aloud)
– expression/pitch (how much expression is in our voice — voice pitch goes up and down)

– facial expression
– eye contact
– gestures (hands, arms, head)



Feb., 21 & 24/2014 – Writing/Speeches

Feb., 21 & 24/2014 – Writing/Speeches

We continue to write non-fiction speeches. Our learning goals for Writing include generating ideas, organizing ideas, interesting word choice, sentence fluency & conventions

  1. The WRITING PROCESS in action — we use various tools & strategies and take the initiative to make choices that match our learning styles.
  2. Additional information can be added at any point – we generate new questions as we write #speech @RousseauElemSch pic.twitter.com/Nai7Dvrm62
  3. We receive feedback on written work — If we use technology/Google Docs, Ms Fawcett can add the feedback online (ChromeBook on the left; Ms Fawcett's MacBook Pro on the right!)
  4. Working together is like a partner helping you out. It helps you in all your work” – #OwenC5F #googledocs #google
  5. GUIDED WRITING as a whole-group
    – We levelled this paragraph based on its ORGANIZATION — it did not have a topic sentence or concluding sentence
  6. We reviewed Grade 4 paragraph writing skills — the trend in our 5F writing is that students successfully include on-topic sentences in each paragraph but don't include topic sentences or concluding sentences.
  7. Can we create a topic sentence for this paragraph about Rottweilers as working dogs? YES, WE CAN! 🙂
  8. #KaiN5F topic sentence. “This is a good topic sentence.It’s a question &questions are there to be answered” #Isaac5F pic.twitter.com/lng4PSWLA3
  9. Can we create possible concluding sentences for this paragraph about Rottweilers as working dogs? YES, WE CAN! 🙂
  10. We have several ideas for a concluding sentence for our “bump it up” wall #parsgraph #writing #speech pic.twitter.com/AqdRrkYCoE

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Feb., 21 & 24/2014 – Writing/Speeches