DAY 17 – Sept. 25/2014

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Literacy – Social studies
After Phys Ed, both great grades continue to previous work and social studies.

Grade six students Continued looking at the population density of the country that they are researching. All of the countries are countries that we identified as Asian or Central American countries that create the shirts that we are wearing. we reflected on the prompts from the last blog entry.

Guatemala –Citizens don’t have a lot of space – Guatemala is overcrowded.

“Everyone would need a job and want a job – and the bosses would maybe hire those with the most experience which would mean that a lot of people wouldn’t have a job.” – Danica
They might not be able to have space for a farm and grow food – Isabel

We discovered by checking the CIA Factbook website that 54% of Guatemalans live in poverty.

We wonder if the information for the other countries where our T-shirts are made is similar to Guatemala or different?

Grade 5 students continued thinking deeply about 1 of the seven rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We’ll put all our knowledge together next time.

Each group inferred possible answers for the following questions related to the right that their group is investigating:
How does this right improve people’s lives?
What would people’s lives be like without this right?



We continued to learn how to represent decimals on a grid. Grade 6 students learn to the thousandths column and grade 5 students learn to the hundredths column.






We ended the day at the monthly awards assembly. it was great to have all of the students together at one time to congratulate student show in character and to enjoy the monthly slideshow. Thank you to class 5/6F students who took pictures this month!


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