DAY 18 – Sept. 26/2014

This post is a work in progress – please check back later too! 🙂


(thanks to Mrs. Laws for our quote today!)

LITERACY – Social Studies

We started our day making plans for shared, collaborative work. We headed down to the lab to access some technology and books.
Grade 5 students collaborated on a document about The Rights of all Canadian citizens from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We made inferences about why life is better with these rights, and how life would be different without these rights. Divided into six groups, we thought deeply about six of the rights.
We will work on being a little more specific and have a whole class sharing & brainstorming session next time.
As the teacher/facilitator, my goal will be to help students understand these Rights in a meaningful way, by helping them build personal connections to the ideas.

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