DAY 19 – Sept. 29/2014


We began our day with Phys Ed outside with Miss Rankin, followed by some really deep discussion (and laughs!) while reading through Chapters 4 and 5 of our read aloud, “Stargirl.”

In the book, the next big event will be Hillary Kimble’s birthday – so we spent time on paper or a Google doc writing down our predictions for what will happen next on Hillary’s birthday. Will Stargirl sing for her? Let’s see what students think….Our predictions will involve making inferences based on evidence in the text.

Some students took the initiative to write their predictions in the form of a narrative, writing in the voice of our narrator, “Leo” — wow!!

We reviewed how to represent the tenths and hundredths columns on a grid. (In grade 6 we also represent the thousandths column.)

Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 6 students worked in pairs to learn about the Canadian maple syrup industry. We will establish the main exports and imports of Canada over the course of our “Canada and its Links to the World” unit of study. Students worked with their knowledge of:
– main ideas & supporting details
– summary writing skills
– critical literacy (e.g. Identifying missing information & points of view)
– “wondering skills” on the topic
….all while also establishing the importance of Canada’s maple syrup industry to the economy of the country.


Grade 5 students
reviewed the Rights contained in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We learned that not all of these rights are available to children – for example the right to vote or the vote to have mobility within a country or outside of the country unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
We brainstormed a list of basic rights that we thought would be important for all children to have & came up with a pretty excellent list (Ms Fawcett only recorded the ideas —- we came up with the ideas ourselves):

We believe children should have the right to:
– the necessary amount of water & nutritious food that is needed to be healthy (e.g. the amounts written in the Canada Food a Guide)
– shelter
– medicine
– safety (physical & emotional)
– freedom to travel with a parent or guardian
– an education
– love and care from a parent or guardian

We compared the list we brainstormed to the list of Children’s Rights written by the United Nations — and we got them all!!

We ended the day in French, and received this permission form, to be returned to school by Wednesday. Madame Reid has arranged for all Junior classes to spend 1 block in her classroom with a French chef! Please check out the details below:


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