DAY 42 – Oct. 31, 2014 Literacy and Hallowe’en fun!

This post is a work in progress – make sure to check back later, too!

Happy Halloween!

we continued working on our plot pumpkins – showing all of the story elements from the story Halloween horror. We show the orientation, including setting in the beginning of the plot, characters, rising action, complication, climax and resolution.





We began decorating our real pumpkins, too!











….and then prepared to make sundaes with the toppings everyone brought!












DAY 41 – Oct. 30, 2014




Grade 5 students – We worked on adding money amounts. Several strategies can be used to help line up columns (see below) — many errors occur simply as a result of “wavy” or shifted columns that result in incorrect addition.



Grade 6 students – We completed our large chart, which showed all of the possible rectangular arrangements (“arrays”) of tiles  for numbers from 1 – 41.

We related each rectangle’s length and perimeter to a multiplication fact

e.g     1 x 16 = 16

2 x 8 = 16

4 x 4 = 16

We reviewed that the numbers which multiply against each other are FACTORS and the answer to each multiplication question is a PRODUCT.



= 16 x 1

= 2 x 8

= 4 x 4

16 has   6 FACTORS  (or three pairs of factors)



Looking at 32 I can count up to 32 by twos I can catch up to 32 by ones I can count up to 32 by fours.
When we count by twos, the factors are two and 16 and the product is 32 when we counted by one of the factors are one and 32 and the product is 32 when we counted by fours the products are four and eight and the product is 32 – Julia



Starting at one and going up to 41, we notice that we start with three numbers that have only two factors and as the numbers get higher generally we have more factors. However there are still some numbers that I only have two factors – Elise

I was looking for a pattern and I saw that nine has four factors but 29 only has two factors. I thought there might be a pattern and because they both ended nine they might have the same number of factors – but 29 only has two. – Elyse




We’re looking forward to a fun day tomorrow! Students will be provided with a small pumpkin for decorating tomorrow :). Students may bring any decorating items they would like. They will provided with some acrylic paint and other crafty-items.

For our sundae toppings, here is a list of nut-free toppings students have indicated they are bringing:

  • strawberries
  • swedish fish (swedish berry-type candy)
  • chocolate chipits (2 students)
  • sprinkles (2 students)
  • crushed Oreo cookies  (2 students)
  • whipped cream
  • mini marshmallows
  • gummy bears
  • strawberry-flavoured Tic-Tacs
  • gummy worms
  • caramel squares

Looks like students will be having a lot of fun!!




DAY 40 – Oct. 29, 2014

we began today and drama/dance with Mrs. Crocker. We worked on tableaux for drama and we danced to Thriller, Super Mario and What Does the Fox Say! Fun!

we got together with a grade one and two buddies to rehearse our song and
dance for today’s assembly.

It’s definitely fun to interact with the little one and see how they make their masks and learn the song – Carson
I think it’s neat because I knew Nalini, but I didn’t know all the things about her like her favorite songs and now I got to know her better – Ava
I met a new friend named Mitchell – we’ve made masks and it’s been a lot of fun – Myles

LITERACY – Elements of a Story
We started making “plot pumpkins” today! Using pumpkins as a fall theme, we completed an activity that reviewed the elements of a story (orientation, setting and characters, rising action, complication, climax, resolution). Today was a practice activity, complete with collaborating with her peers – and next week we will complete an assessment using another story and working independently.







I think doing the activity is good because its good to break up stories and be able to really understand them – Dea

We performed our song and dance with her buddies! Thanks also 256 students who took photos for the monthly slideshow that we produced!





Day 39 – Oct. 28, 2014

we played medieval dodgeball with Ms Rankin, as well as zombie tag and octopus. It was really fun to be running around and being active. It was fun to throw the dodgeball’s and get some exercise.


We worked on adding dance and vocals to our Monster Mash performance for tomorrow. It was challenging for the narrator to do the talking part – they have a lot of words to fit in but they are amazing actors and speakers and they’re going to pull it all together before tomorrow (Glen, & Ms Fawcett). Noah felt free because he could dance and “all that jazz”. 🙂

Grade 6 students continued creating rectangular arrays for numbers between one and 100, using graph paper and square plastic tiles. (e.g. For the number 16, how many ways can you arrange 16 square tiles into rectangles with different dimensions?). It has been tricky to organize, but the students are doing a fantastic job. The activity is incorporating our knowledge of of multiplication facts (times tables). For many of the numbers that are getting bigger, there seem to be more ways to show how to multiply numbers to get them. Some of the numbers have only one way to arrange the square tiles (a rectangle 13 squares king and 1 square wide) and some have four, or six, or eight ways to arrange their tiles.


Grade 5 students worked on the learning goal related to number cents and money. We practice, marked her work, self assessed and shared possible next steps. Extra practice questions follow for those students who feel they need some extra practice – students of been instructed to share what they learned and how they did with their parents and decide together whether the extra practice is necessary.


LITERACY – story mapping
We read a story that we will use tomorrow in a combined activity with Miss Rankin’s class. We will be reviewing at all of the elements of a story map:
orientation, rising action, complication, climax, and resolution. We will use the story in partners in groups tomorrow to create a fun fall themed activity applying the story elements to the story we read today.

School Council is sponsoring a coat drive. Families are asked this week to bring in warm winter coats – new or gently used – for us to share with children who do not have winter coats for this coming winter. Coats can be taken to the Hub (former library) at Rousseau.

SPIRIT DAY – Orange & Black
Wear orange and black for spirit day tomorrow – monthly award assembly at 2:40 PM.


DAY 38 – Oct. 27, 2014 Buddy Time, Prime/Composite Numbers (Gr6)

Several Grade 5 students received feedback today regarding decimal number assessments – parents may like to review the assessments their children brought home today. Other students caught up with math assessments that were missed due to absence. Of the grade 5 students enjoyed independent reading. Ms Fawcett purchased a few “Haunted Canada” books, and some students are thoroughly engrossed in the stories!


Grade 6 students continue to work on an activity where they are creating a race that represent all the numbers from 1 to 100. I’ll grade 6 students are working as a team to create a huge poster that shows all of the factors of each numbered from 1 to 100 – e.g. 16= 16×1, 8×2, 4×4. We Will be looking for patterns and will make conclusions based on the examples generated. Grade 6 students also brought home assessments today related to decimal numbers.


We worked today on the lyrics for Monster Mash – and after observation, Ms. Fawcett chose for students to perform the lyrics, well the rest of the class and the younger buddies will sing “back up”.

We also enjoyed DPA, French with Mme. Reid and Visual Art with Mr. Obermeyer.