DAY130 – March 31/2015 – Aboriginal Peoples & Communities in Canada (S.S.), Fractions, Music Monday, Buddies

MATH – Fractions

Grade 5 students…

…started working on a review of fractions from grade 4. Working in partners is a great way to share our expertise!


Grade 6 students….

…..reviewed fractions as well, by reviewing anchor charts from last year’s grade 5 blog posts.


We used a simple provocation as a “launching pad” to explore proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

“If a fraction has a numerator which is smaller than the denominator, is the fraction greater than, less than, or equal to the whole?”




We began learning the song for the annual Music Monday celebration!

This year’s celebration of music education will take place at Rousseau on Monday, May 4th in the Gymnasium. It is an initiative of the Coalition for Music Education. Classes will perform music that they have learned during Music class or Choirs (Primary Choir & Junior Choir) with Mrs. Stinson (West Wing) and Ms Fawcett (East Wing).  You can read more about Music Monday here. This year’s song is called “We Are One”, and is written by 16 year old Connor Ross — he won a contest to have his song featured in this year’s Music Monday celebrations across Canada!

The Coalition for Music Education describes the singing of a common song as follows:

“In a song that captures Canada’s cultural mosaic, We Are One illuminates the purpose of this annual artistic celebration; providing an anthem that is sure to inspire Canadians of all ages to unite in recognition and celebration of the vital role music plays in our culture, our communities and in our schools.”



We had a great time with our younger buddies today! In Mr. Lee’s class, grade 6 students taught their younger buddies to sign into their Google docs accounts! Class 5/6 is full of technology experts who love to see smiling learners, and 1L is full of students eager to learn new technology! Win, win! 🙂

In Mrs. Knight’s 1/2 Class, we explores the first seven letters of the alphabet……….and ALL THE WORDS that can be made!! Amazing!! Who knew there were so many words????

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Fri., March 27, 2015 – Student Calendar + Grade 5 Social Studies instructions :)

Hi Everyone! See you at 12:21 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.13.30 PM


What You Need:

  • a partner (teacher has the list of partners!)
  • an Aboriginal group to research (teacher has a list with your Aboriginal group!)
  • one (1) device —- Chromebook or Hub Computer
  • Internet
  • Google Slides app on 1 of the partner’s Google Docs account (one slide presentation for each group)


What You Do:

  • Find the LOCATION of your group in Canada on the “Aboriginal Peoples” map (at the end of this blog post)
  • Compare the LOCATION of your group to the “Traditional Ways of Life” map that we saw on Tuesday (at the end of this blog post)
  • Infer the different ways your group may have used to OBTAIN FOOD & discuss with your partner
  • Research HOW YOUR GROUP GOT THEIR FOOD using these websites:
    • Stew/Ben – THE INUIT — here and here
    • Noah/Ryan/Connor K. – THE SIKSIKA or SIKSIKAWA (a.k.a. Blackfoot Indians) — here and here
    • Greg/Brady — The HAIDA — here and here
    • Myles/Connor C. – THE CREE (not Plains Cree) — here and here
    • Jude/Carson – THE WENDAT or WYANDOTTE   (a.k.a. Huron)  — here and here
    • Lexie/Dea/Elizabeth – THE OJIBWA or OJIBWE (a.k.a. Anishinabe) — here and here
    • Callie/Ava – THE BEOTHUK — here and here
  • Create a GOOGLE SLIDES Presentation showing HOW YOUR GROUP GOT THEIR FOOD

Here are the maps you will need:


Map Canada Aboriginal groups Early Contact

DAY 127 March 26, 2015 – Literacy, Phys Ed, Math (Division)

 This blog post is a work in progress – please be sure to check back later, too 🙂 


LITERACY — Read-Aloud “Stargirl” (Inferring)

We continue to read “Stargirl” as a whole class. Students have been making excellent inferences!

“Leo’s dilemma reminds me of a saying I have called quality over quantity. If you have one really good friend that is better than having more friends who are maybe not the best friends” – Brady

“I think the fact that he’s debating between who to choose me is that he’s not ready to give up*girl as a friend. I think you should look into the future to see whether star girl or the other people are going to be in his future and he’s going to be best for him” – Elise


We played a variation of capture the flag with Miss Rankin, and it was very busy and fun! We learned stealthy ninja moves 🙂

DAY 126 March 25, 2015 –

 *** Please remember to wear GREEN tomorrow to show our School Spirit Day for acts of kindness! ***


MUSIC CHAMPIONS – Media Literacy

Today, we put the finishing touches on our music videos! Our media specialist, Vanessa Crosby Ramsey,  and Ms Fawcett facilitated student filming. We reviewed a checklist of visual storytelling features that we need to include.g


Vanessa taught students a mini lesson about adding text on screen in iMovie.

We did last minute filming, reviewed, and adjusted to the editing process.    


LITERACY – Social Studies

We continue to use questioning to pick our curiosity about pre-contact first Nations peoples in grade 5 and the communities of Canada in grade