DAY 180 – Tues., June 23/2015

Yesterday was our grade 6 graduation celebration – what a fantastic time for all the students! It was so nice to see them all dressed up 🙂 Here are some pictures that include the grade 6 students from Miss Rankin’s class too 🙂

The dance was a blast!!! 

Today, most of our grade 6 students went to visit Ancaster Senior Public School! They participated in activities like team sports, trying an instrument in music class, and having a tour of the school. 
HEALTH – Growth & Development

Grade 5 students learned the basic anatomy of the reproductive system, as well as changes associated with pubery. We were joined by the grade 5 students from the other class. It was a valuable and respectful learning experience for all  – thank you to the grade 5 students for their excellent learning skills. 

SCIENCE – Structures

Grade 5 students had the opportunity to test their bridges today! Using Mr. Obermeyer’s “bridge buster” we placed bricks on the bridges to test their stability and strength. Some bridges held one brick, other two or three or even seven….and one bridge held eleven!!!


DAY 175 – Tues., June 16/2015 – Volunteer Appreciation, Growth & Development, Science, Grade 6 Celebration (June 23rd)

Wow! We had a super busy day! There wasn’t much opportunity for pictures but here is a run down of our day:


We read independently.

Grade 6 students worked in their group to create a public service announcement about the impact of electricity and electronic devices on the environment.

Grade 5 students worked towards finishing their bridge blueprints today – depending on how time was used, some blueprints are done and some are not. 🙂 Students who finished their blueprint will bring it home today with the materials required to build the bridge.

  • Grade 5 bridges – due Tuesday, June 23
  • Materials: 100 Popsicle sticks, white glue (provided by teacher), student created blueprint

Students may not use any other glue besides the white glue provided. If they require more glue, students can bring their bottle to school the next day for a refill. No wood glue or hot glue, please. Bridges will be tested (with weights) to the point of destruction next Tuesday.


Thank you to all parent volunteers who have made our school trips possible and who have help to facilitate student learning in our classroom this year! The gym was a sight to behold today with decorated tables at the back and students at the front presenting various songs and poems for our wonderful Rousseau volunteers. Our class was  joined by Miss Rankin’s class to sing “You Can Dance, You Can Sing”, and the Junior Choir sang our very jazzy version of  “Blueskies” by Irving Berlin.


For various reasons, we held our grade 6 graduation rehearsal and the gymnasium today instead of Thursday. All students were in attendance, so it worked out really well! Students learned how they will proceed into the gymnasium at Monday’s ceremony (Junior Choir will sing them in!), where they will sit, how they will stand to line up for the certificates, how they will cross the stage and shake their teacher and Mrs. Bosher’s hands, who the special guests and presenters will be, etc..  We are very much looking forward to celebrating our grade 6 students! 

HEALTH – Upcoming Growth & Development Lessons

Thank you to parents who have sent in their child’s permission slip for the upcoming Growth and Development lessons. Please send in the permission slips as soon as possible – thank you! 🙂 Students will be taught using the current health curriculum from 2010 (not the new revised curriculum):

Grade 5 Expectations:

  • Describe physical, emotional, and interpersonal changes associated with puberty
  • Describe the secondary physical changes at puberty (e.g., growth of body hair, changes in body shape 
  • Describe the processes of menstruation and spermatogenesis
  • Describe the increasing importance of personal hygiene following puberty.


Grade 6 Expectations:

  • Identify the major parts of the reproductive system and their functions and relate them to puberty.
  • Relate the changes at puberty to the reproductive organs and their functions



DAY 174 – Mon. June 15/2015 – Crock-a-Doodle, Science

We had a great start to the day with a visit from Crock-a-Doodle from Dundas! We learned about painting ceramics and we decorated a mug.                


Grade 5 – Structures

We learned more about building stable structures while viewing and discussing a “lesson” that included pictures, video and descriptions of famous structures around the world. We will apply the vocabulary and concepts we have been learning to our design and description of a bridge that uses 100 Popsicle sticks and white glue. 


Please c heck out today’s reminders — they include

Grade 6 families sending in $5.00 towards the food for the graduation reception 

Grade 5 families sending in $4.00 for a Rousseau Agenda order (All students will need some sort of tool to track their reminders next year – a paper/book agenda/calendar or a know electronic device wth a notes or calendar app


DAY 171 – June 9/2015 – Writing feedback (Stargirl)

LITERACY – Writing

Our most recent writing assignment was to write an alternate epilogue to the end of this book, “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli. there’s also an oral language component to the assessment, as we experienced the book as a read aloud – and we needed to be able to understand the book as an oral text (a text that we listened to).

Today, while some students finished the assignment and others finished a recent health assignment, some members of the class sat on the carpet in a circle. They took turns reading the alternate ending that they wrote from the point of view of Stargirl.

Students gave feedbackreceived feedback and responded to feedback, and we captured a lot of rich discussion in video. The discussion was incredibly deep! I am so proud of all of our grade 5 and six students. Grade 5 students definitely held their own even when receiving critique from there all the grade 6 class makes. Thank you to our classroom volunteer Miss Rasmussen also helped and Fawcett facilitate the session (Miss Rasmussen is a Rousseau alumna and former member of @FawcettsClass. She is a recent teachers college graduate.)

Brady’s Feedback

Dea’s Feedback

Callie’s Feedback

Elise’s Feedback

Owen’s Feedback

Caleb’s Feedback

Ben’s Feedback