Day 59 – Nov. 30, 2015 – Summary/Reading, Biodiversity, Gift Drive/Number Sense

This blog post is a work in progress – please be sure to check back later, too 🙂


LITERACY/SCIENCE – Biodiversity/Summary 

We worked on summarizing a nonfiction article from the Hamilton Spectator about non-native, invasive plant species that are a problem at the Royal Botanical Gardens. This ties in perfectly with our biodiversity unit, as we are beginning a short inquiry into the effects of human action on the bio diverse city in our community.



6F students can comment below and tell us about their learning goals in phys ed and French.

GIFT DRIVE/MATH – Number Sense (adding, subtracting/whole numbers & decimal numbers)

Last week, classes throughout our school took him instructions for this year’s annual gift drive. We are supporting a family of three people in the Lancaster area. Together, students notice that we may need to be organized in our gift efforts so that we do not duplicate items. Students suggested that families donate $10 if they can, more if they wish. A 6F parent has offered to purchase the items – which we are going to research as a class. 

This tied in nicely with our number sense unit – adding, subtracting, multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimal numbers. With a minimum budget of $320 (32 students x $10 each, on average), and a possible maximum budget of $640 (32 students x $20, on average), we explored how many items we could purchase for our family in need.

Students had some questions about families in need requesting luxury items, like Starbucks gift cards. We had a lively discussion about the dignity of people, and their need to feel fully part of society, which can include enjoying luxury items out in the community just like anyone else. Miss Fawcett taught students through another example – Minimum wage (which does not cover the minimum length requirements, even if a person works 40 hours a week at that wage) vs. Living wage (A wage cut more likely covers basic living requirements) vs. Participation wage (The wage that covers basic needs, plus the ability to participate in society: signing kids up for lessons, going out for coffee, going out to see a movie, etc.


Multiplication Strategies:




Students were very engaged with the virtual shopping activity — we will continue tomorrow. Students are expected to show all of their calculations: multiplication, adding, subtracting, and division in their notebooks. A Google doc will include their items for the $320 budget and their items for the $640 budget.




Day 52 – Nov. 19, 2015 – Online Safety, Biodiversity, Visual Art, Music

SCIENCE – Biodiversity 

We worked with our table groups to fill in the tree of life/classification tree, giving each other clues to see what we remember from our work developing the class tree (which we covered up! 😄). We will not have to memorize the classification tree, but students will be assessed on their ability to use the classification tree – for example, classifying an organism based on it’s structural characteristics (backbone/vertebrae? Fur? Gills? Scales? Shell? Exoskeleton? Specialized mouth parts? Segmented body? Tentacles? Unicellular? Etc.)



Another beautiful day – although, it is sparking some discussion about global warming…



We worked in this song today! It will split into two part harmony – students can practice from this image….and sing for their parents 😉   


ONLINE SAFETY – Bullying Prevention & Awareness Week

Officer Zafirides visited (“Officer V”) us to discuss online safety – especially social media. Very large percentage of our class have Instagram accounts. Officer Zafirides highlighted the importance of parents accessing their children’s devices and accounts daily (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, etc.). Here are the tweets that Ms Fawcett sent on our classroom account. We also had retweets from @HamiltonPolice, @GuyBrownHWDSB & various teachers in HWDSB. At the end of this Twitter “story”, there is a tweet with a “clickable” link to information for parents from the HWDSB Positive School Climate initiative, plus a tweet with information on Restorative Justice, a strategy/process for resolving conflict within our school board.



Day 50 – Nov. 17, 2015

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week 

Grade 6 Student council executive have been delivering morning announcements this year. We have been working very hard all year long on building a peaceful community in our classroom. Our classmates on the student council executive shared the following information for this week, bullying awareness and prevention week. We look forward to getting together with our buddies tomorrow to talk about what acceptance feels like!


Students reading this blog are welcome to include their voice in the comment section – what did you learn today and drama? What did you learn today in PhysEd?

We looked at examples of student work for yesterday’s question – constructing a trapezoid.

We looked a little closer at other types of quadrilaterals. Students reading the blog – do you know the names of the missing shapes?   
 Many students finish ed this question in class – we’ll take a look tomorrow and see if everyone is following the criteria for an effectively constructed polygon.