DAY 59 – Dec. Dec. 14, 2015 – Learning Skills, Multiplication

LEARNING SKILLS & GOAL SETTING Progress reports went home on Friday. We reviewed Learning Skills and looked at one rubric with possible statements. We did some reflective activities and set goals for the end of Term 1 (beginning of February). 

Our homework – due Friday – is to write a learning skills paragraph about ourself that reflects where we will be at the end of term 1.   


Students are welcome to write their learning in the comments below!



2 comments on “DAY 59 – Dec. Dec. 14, 2015 – Learning Skills, Multiplication

  1. Bmatijas2095 says:

    At gym we ran laps for the warm ups. Then we did something called the “12 Days of Fitness so you’d do a plank or jumping jacks until the whistle blows then you go to the next station. Once we were all done that we got to play dodgeball.

  2. Cbraun6432 says:

    i agree with ben.

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