DAY 60 – Dec. 15, 2015 Multiplication, Music, & Mayhem (not really…just some decorating)


Hey! Our Hour of Code activity last week made it onto the HWDSB Website! Check it out!

Schools Tap Away at Hour of Code –


LITERACY – Independent Reading

Almost half way into the year, and we have some really awesome reading habits in our classroom! Students are getting into reading right away and persisting with reading like never before. Congratulations to students who have shown excellent reading habits all year long (so far), and to those who have improved their reading behaviours. Bravo!

MATH – Multiplication

We continue to review and practise the strategies taught in Grade 5. Today, a few students attempted to explain the steps of the Standard Algorithm aloud. Everyone should practice this skill! It really helps to focus students’ thinking and solidify their memory of the steps. The Standard Algorithm is the preferred method of most adults, as this is the method they learned in school. It is, however, the most difficulty strategy, as it requires students to hold multiple pieces of information in their heads, while also doing computation. Very tricky. The curriculum states that students need to be able to perform a variety of strategies for multiplication, to achieve a Level 3.

Notice how the method with Expanded Form uses colour coding to help us keep track of the number of required zeroes. Once the zeroes have been accounted for, it’s just a matter of doing 1 digit x 1 digit multiplication. Students had multiplication charts to help with this.

Some excellent examples of finished work:


We have learned this song  in Music class with Ms Fawcett, in order to perform in tomorrow’s Drama presentation with Mrs. Crocker. Families are welcome to attend the whole-school event, starting at 2:00pm. Students should practice tonight!



We’ve decorated our door – hope you like what we’ve done with the place! 🙂 We started yesterday, and finished today!


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