FLIGHT INQUIRY – Week of April 25th

SCIENCE – Flight Inquiry

All students recorded their Questions, Hypotheses, Materials, Observations, and Conclusions for their personal experiments in their Inquiry Journals.


Investigating Aerofoil wing shapes — some students completing their individual experiments —

Our running list of the Properties of Air:



We know that air naturally moves from an area of HIGH PRESSURE to an area of LOW PRESSURE



This movement of HIGH PRESSURE air under a wing will create LIFT under an aerofoil wing.



This week, we have discussed how the FOUR FORCES OF FLIGHT  work togethe so that an airplane can take off, level off/fly and land.

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Investigating the movement of HIGH PRESSURE air to an area of LOW PRESSURE AIR — Some students were guided through experiments to prove that High Pressure air moves to an area of low pressure




April 26th Reminders

  1. read 20 min. tonight
  2. Fractions/Decimals/Percent retest – Friday (break time)
  3. Popcorn tomorrow $2
  4. TRIP  tomorrow to Warplane Heritage Museum Рdevices will be locked at school