DAY – Mon., May 31, 2016

Math – Illustrating 3D Objects

We continued building and drawing 3-D shapes today. 3-D drawings take place on triangular dot paper – but two-dimensional views like front, top and side take place on grid paper or in our notebooks. By end of tonight, students should be finished the following work – number one, two, four and six from the textbook and both sides of the practice page. Students should be sure to have all pages stapled into their notebooks before tomorrow! 🙂

HEALTH – Substance Use and Addiction

Students will be creating a presentation using explain everything on an iPad or Google slides on a chrome book or tablet to explain the effects on the body (and on peoples lives) of using illicit drugs.

DAY – Tues., May 24, 2016 – Writing, Surface Area, 3D Nets

LITERACY – Writing (Suspense story)

Most students are well into their rough draft, and getting close to the revision stage. Several students are already revising, and editing – and starting good copies. Students who are behind stayed in for break 1 today – and will probably need to work during a couple of other outdoor play times this week in order to catch up.

MATH – Surface Area (Measurement) & NETS of 3D Rectangular Prisms (Geometry)

We continued our practice with surface area, & took up last week’s work (pg. 222 #1 a,b,c)

We made a strategy to create NETS of the rectangular prisms.

Trace the bottom face on the 3-D  prism in a colour

Sketch the bottom face (label dimensions) 

Trace the edges of the back face of the prism & say the dimensions out loud

Sketch the back face, connected to the bottom face (label dimensions) 

Trace the dimensions of the front face of the prism & say the dimensions out loud

Sketch the front face, connected to the bottom face (label dimensions) 

Continue for the top face, right face & left face 



If students would like, they can practise our song! Here are the lyrics, and a Youtube link to the music.




DAY – Tues., May 17, 2016

LITERACY – Suspense Writing
The majority of the class has  been working for a week on brainstorming and planning for our suspense stories. (Lion King performers began yesterday).

We are going on our previous learning about suspense writing – where we read a story called a boy and a mountain and spent a great deal of time analyzing the plot and characterization. We have a great many strategies and knowledge at our fingertips to write our own stories! In terms of the 6 Traits of Writing (generating ideas, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, organization and conventions), we are building on writing skills that we have developed since September…as well as our learning from grades 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, & K! 

We created an anchor chart 

We reviewed rising action and word choice from the story we already analyzed.
We browsed “Harris Burdick Mystry”pictures – for inspiration.

we are using the same mountain organizer for our writing that we used for our reading/analyzing.

We are using the same characterization template for our writing that we used for our reading/analyzing. 
MATH – Ratios/Equivalent Ratios