DAY 17 – Sept. 29, 2016


After Independent reading/inferring, we worked on our independent “day in the life of Bruno” story. Some students worked on creating a list of criteria that they felt were reflected in their writing. 

Students continued taking turns reading aloud to Ms Fawcett for a DRA assessment.


We played a patterning game with a partner. Partners used a hundreds chart to generate a random starting number and a random number to increase or decrease the pattern with.


We continued to work on creating balance in our voices. A huge improvement!

DAY 15 – Sept.27, 2016

This blog post is a work in progress – please be sure to check back later, too 🙂


Helping to demonstrate how we might have a debate with our self…..


Helping to demonstrate how to debate a point of view with a partner (both points of view represent one side of Captain Romo’s thoughts)











We finished off by independently highlighting multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 on individual Hundreds Charts using SKIP COUNTING. Students can practise skip counting at home regularly! 🙂 


DAY 12 – Sept. 21/2016

This blog post is a work in progress – please be sure to check back later, too 🙂 


Independent Reading – Inferring


Oral Language. (Read Aloud = Oral Comprehension, including inferring)


Captain Romo

We continued to look more deeply into the character “Captain Romo” after learning more about countries that have dictatorships



Critical Literacy is an instructional approach that includes determining missing points of view. Whose voice is included? Whose voice is NOT included? Captain Romo visits the school to instruct students to tell all about what their parents do at night —- with the inferred purpose of tricking students into letting him know which parents are against the dictatorship.

We created a list of what we know about Captain Romo…..and used critical literacy as an approach to make a list of what we don’t know about him. 


Next, we used our Inferring Skills to list TWO (2) different points of view that Captain Romo might have (one, or both in conflict)

We will use these TWO inferred points of view in a Drama activity with Mrs. Stinson in Drama class.



We continued to look at the numbers visuals from Stanford Math Professor @JoBoaler ‘s “Week of Inspirational Math” to learn about  Composite Numbers and their Factors.





We continued this activity for ALL composite numbers up to 35.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-26-25-pm


We worked on learning & reading rhythm in the song “Fish & Chips”. Then we worked on singing the song as a “partner song”, which creates 2 part harmony. We worked on singing the correct pitches, and creating proper balance between the two voices in the song.