DAY 38 – Oct. 31, 2016 – Happy Hallowe’en!



We started today with our annual Rousseau Hallowe’en Parade! Loved seeing all the costumes! There were some incredibly unique costumes and everyone had a lot of fun seeing all the costumes, from ELP (Kindergarden) up to Grade 5, too!

We also welcomed Miss Colmer today — she is an education student at Redeemer University. Miss Colmer will be with us for 6 weeks!


After the parade, we had such much needed DPA — ever see a Mountie pitch for kick ball?img_1661 img_1663 img_1664

We took some time for our weekly Monday “Brag & Drag”. Most students’s “brag” was that today was Hallowe’en!


Thanks to families for sending in treats for the students! I brought my Halloween table cloths & bowls ūüôā ¬†Thank you also to Mrs. Carline for coming in to set up our food….and bringing plates and lemonade and treat bags for the students to decorate!



In the middle of the day, we did math. We showed what we know with a Place Value diagnostic assessment. Diagnostics are not used for final marks – they tell the teacher where students are at the beginning of a topic being studied. How students do on the diagnostic gives the teacher clues about how to proceed with teaching the topic. Great job, everyone!


All students from ELP (Kindergarden) up to Grade 6 attended our 2nd annual Hallowe’en dance. Thanks to Grade 4 parent Mrs. Jeffrey for leading the dances, and to several grade 6 students for also leading dances. The last dance turned into a spontaneous “conga line”. So hilarious!! Everyone had a great time!


DAY 35 – Wed., Oct. 26, 2016


LITERACY – Reading Comprehension, Writing

Reading: Today’s reading comprehension strategy was Visualizing

Writing:¬†We continued working on our writing, on the topic of leadership. We will be voting tomorrow on submissions from potential leaders from our class — 11 girls and 9 boys. We will narrow down the candidates to 4 girls and 4 boys.

After  Grade 3, 4, and 5 students vote on these candidates, the leaders will be narrowed down to 4 students in total:

2 Boys & 2 Girls (Student Council Executive)

SOCIAL STUDIES – Canadian Communities, Past & Present

As students finished their writing on leadership, they worked in partners summarizing from our social studies text.

image image


We participated in some mindful breathing again today – to oxygenate our bodies and calm our amygdalas. Students reported feeling calm, noticeing relaxation, noticing some aches and pains they had been ignoring in their muscles, and a general sense of noticing everything more. When we can be calm & mindful, our brains function better for learning and we can notice how we are feeling (which helps us to minimize impulsivity).



Mr. Peters shared this ¬†video of the girls’ volleyball team at practice . Ms Fawcett has been snapping shots at the games, too (see below)! Nicely done, boys and girls!



DAY 34 – Tues., Oct. 25, 2016 – Visualizing, Writing, Leadership, Tessellations

[Oops – forgot a picture of today’s daily quote! I’ll add it tomorrow! So happy that students have taken over our daily quotes ūüôā ]


Today was a bit of a catch-up day of sorts. While some students worked on their morning Independent Reading Comprehension strategy (Visualization), other students got caught up on unfinished math assessments or participating in mini-lessons for reteaching or catching up on work missed while absent. At the appropriate time, most students moved on to our current independent Writing activity — reflecting on the meaning of Leadership (based on our recent class learning) and sharing our individual plans for being leaders at Rousseau this year. We are ALL leaders this year, either as mature grade 6 students making a difference every day (e.g. Nutrition Break helpers, setting an example in hallways/washrooms/playground) or as students who aspire to be part of this year’s School Council.

Our¬†“first block” (periods 1 & 2) today was by far the most respectful & productive in many regards —¬†congratulations, everyone! We celebrated in Period 3 by having a full, extra Gym period outside. (Lots to celebrate there as well, as everyone was active, cooperative, and fair while having fun!)



Ms Fawcett introduced a magazine subscription that she purchased as a “gift” to the classroom. ¬†Kazoo Magazine¬†is intentionally created for girls’ to enjoy, as it strives fill a gap in the magazine industry. Kazoo presents body-positive messaging as well as encouraging girls to follow their interests. Read more about Kazoo here¬†. Boys in our class are obviously welcome to read the magazine as well! I’ll be on the look out for a boys magazine with body-positive messaging, too! If anyone has any suggestions or information, please let me know!



Students brought home an Patterning (number sequences) and Number Sense (Factors;Prime & Composite numbers) assessment today. They are in Agenda pouches — please sign and return, caregivers, when you have had a chance to look them over.


Students have been working with Mr. Obermeyer this week on an Art/Math Patterning cross over activity (Thanks, Mr. O!) involving tessellations. I’m excited to see what they create!



We worked for a short period of time on practising singing Alexander Tilley’s musical setting of “In Flanders Fields” before heading to a Bus Safety Presentation in the Gym.


DAY 33 – Mon., Oct. 24, 2016 – Visualizing, Leadership & Student Council


Rousseau Beautification last Saturday! – Home & School Association & students

What a wonderful surprise this morning! Many of our
Rousesau families worked hard to beautiful our property this weekend — apparently there is much more to see! Wow! Thank you students and their families!!!! Read more on our Rousseau School Website!image


LITERACY – Indepndent Reading strategy: Visualizing

image image image image


We have been working diligently this month to learn about real leadership [here¬†and here¬†for example — the kind of leadership that inspires everyone to get involved and pitch in. Below, students are seen working on showing their understanding of leadership.

  • Some of these students have expressed an interest in leading by example on a daily basis (e.g. setting an excellent example of Citizenship and character traits (Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness, Perseverance, Initiative; working with the whole class to collect food for the Ancaster Community Food Drive, etc.) and being involved in different leadership opportunities (e.g. Nutrition Break helpers in primary classrooms; helping to lead extra-curricular sports).
  • Other students are expressing an interest in being on Student Council to encourage all the students at Rousseau to get involved and make a difference (being involved in planning student-led initiatives; facilitating morning announcements & monthly assemblies, including involving Grade 3/4/5 Class Representatives, etc.)

We are working towards having 4 Grade Six Student Council Executive members. We’re nearing the end of our journey. Nearly 20 students in our class will put their leadership writing forward to be considered by the class. ¬†These writing submissions will be ANONYMOUS — our only focus is on the content of the student’s ideas (not whether they are our friend or other biased information….). Our class will choose 3 or 4 boys’ entries and 3 or 4 girls’ entries.

In the end, 2 boys will be chosen and 2 girls will be chosen.