Dec. 24th, 2016 – Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Yule! ~ MUSICAL GIFTS :-)


Here are the performances we were involved in on Friday ~ Junior Choir (“Light the Candles” & “All On A Silent Night”), & a combined 3-class performance of “Winter Sleigh Ride”.

Hope you enjoy, and that you have a wonderful holiday! <3  Thank you for the many thoughtful gifts ~ if they haven’t found it already, students should find a card & KinderSurprise from me in their bags! :))))))

~ Ms Fawcett

Alunelul De La Goicea is a “Circle Dance” – with Mrs. Stinson

From Oltenia Region, Romania – performed by Class 6F

Light the Candles – Rousseau Junior Choir


All On A Silent Night – by Becki Slagle Mayo

Rousseau Junior Choir


Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire – by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé

Rousseau Junior Choir



DAY 68 – Dec. 14, 2016 – Canadian Communities, Division

LITERACY – Reading Comprehension (Determining Importance)

LITERACY/Social Studies – Canadian Communities: Past & Present


(specifically   “Plains Indians” or Siksika Tribe)














(in the 1800’s)


MATH – Division


We need to QUICKLY find out different options for   45   times a number…..using math that we can do easily in our head.


Then we applied some of the options…..starting with 45 x 20 = 900

THEN WE CONTINUE IN THAT WAY……finding a number to multiply by 45…writing the product….subtracting the product from the dividend to see how much closer we are getting to finding a number that we can multiply by 45 to get closer to the product 2340




EXIT CARDS – formative assessment (“How are we doing????”)

AGENDAS:  (same items as yesterday)

  1. read 20 min. – 5 out loud
  2. GIFT DRIVE — gifts for teens, due by Friday
  3. 6F secret gift giving — bring your gifts on Monday 🙂
  4. review our learning (READ BLOG

From Home & School

DAY 65 – Dec. 9/2016 – Hour of Code, Multiplication Test

On Friday, we participated in the Hour of Code — where we built our awareness of the importance of computer programming & practised organizing blocks of code at

Computer programmer Shane Allen visited our school again this year (thanks for organizing, Mrs. Laws!) Shane presented to us in the gym and came into class to help us organize blocks of code. The future will be FULL of programming jobs! At the current rate of training (low), there will not be enough programmers to fill the future job market. was born out of a desire to encourage kids to learn coding! We will be interacting with various coding games and devices in class this year 🙂

MATH – Multiplication

We began our multiplication assessment ~~ many students will finish on Monday!


MS Fawcett bought the class pizza, and students brought in treats for a special party for Miss Colmer. We will miss her!


DAY 63 – Math – Health – Living Wage Presentation to Hamilton City Council

It was a pretty exciting day for us, following live tweets from Hamilton City Council and following reaction to our presentation about the importance of a Living Wage to Hamilton City Council! We used Tweetdeck to view multiple twitter feeds.

We also learned a little bit about how City Council meetings are run and new terms like “quorum”.

Most of all, it was exciting for us to see that we really can make a difference — that we can hold the attention of adults and share important information that might be used to improve the lives of other people! The following Storify includes a link to our presentation, a video of Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson talking about our involvement in the community and reflections on our efforts, tweeted by several people at the meeting.