Wed., May 17/2017 – Story Structure,

LITERACY – Story mapping (narratives)

Review from yesterday:

We worked together to decide what we thought the Problem, Climax & Resolution were to the story “A Boy and a Mountain“.

When we can analyze a mentor text (= good example of writing), we will be  better organized when we write our own stories.

One of the challenges for Grade 6 students is to write a short story with one Climax, a Climax that is clearly connected to one straightforward Problem. Students are very familiar with chapter book stories and long movies which both involve convoluted plot twists and multiple mini-climaxes and “problems”. Writing a good short story with a single Problem & Climax is a challenge!



We reviewed what we know about the relationship between the area of a triangle and the area of a rectangle or other type of parallelogram that doesn’t have 90 degree angles), with the same height and base.


– finding the area of a rectangle

(we also confirmed that a rectangle with the same base & height has double the area)








ALSO FROM YESTERDAYS WORK…..We practised finding a height OR base of a triangle, when the Area is already known.

ONE WAY is to use the formula for the area of a triangle…. (our new algebra skills come in handy!)


A SECOND WAY is to double the area of the triangle (= area of a rectangle with the same base and height)….and solve to find the width of the rectangle (same line as the base of the triangle).



We did work collaboratively in groups  FIRST to see if we could  find the answer (congratulations to those who did & to everyone for persisting).


Some students needed a reminder if the anchor charts charts hanging up for their use:

Tues., May 16/2017 – Story maps (reading)

This blog post is a work in progress — please be sure to check back later, too!

LITERACY – Reading: Elements of a Story

Orientation – Setting, Characters

Rising Action – several events that build suspense….includes a Problem which is revealed

  1. Climax – exciting event that involves the problem that was set up earlier in the story

Falling Action – includes Resolution of the Oroblem

We worked i

We worked on identifying all the “elements of a story” by reading a “mentor text” (a text that is well written, that we can analyze and learn from — so that our own writing can be better!


for our McMaster DPA study, we have to make sure we are moving for the full 20 min. Goalies have to do jumping jacks 🙂

MATH – Area of a Triangle (half a rectangle!!)

Fun Fair Volunteers – message from Rousseau Fun Fair parent committee

Calling all volunteers!”

“The Rousseau Fun Fair needs you! We would love to make this a terrific event for all, and need help in order to make this happen. While we know you are looking forward to enjoying the festivities as a family, please consider taking an hour (or two) to help make this a successful event by volunteering your time. Volunteers are critical on the day of the event – from set-up, to running and monitoring stations, to tear down/clean up. If you are available, please consider signing up at the following link:

Thank you in advance!

The Rousseau Fun Fair Volunteer Committee”

Mon., May 15/2017 – Area of a Parallelogram

MATH – Measurement & Geometry   +  Algebra

We reviewed what we learned last week about the area of a parallelogram. Today, we used a cut-paper visual to dig deeper into the relationship between parallelograms and rectangles, and completed practice from the “Math Makes Sense” program.

Students received feedback on their work with single-variable equations. For level 4, students had to balance equations using an inverse operation as modelled last week. For level 3, students met the expectation by using mental math strategies. Grade 5 expectations were learned last year — and the grade 5 strategy would be using “Guess & Check” (estimate a reasonable answer, insert the possible answer in place of the missing number and check to see if both sides of the equation are now equal).

Level 4 (inverse operation….all steps/procedures laid out systematically)

Art Auction preview!

Ms Fawcett shared an activity/lesson with Mr. O for our Art Classes! We’re completing/assembling our art auction pieces!