Wed., June 14th, 2017 – Growth & Development; Look back at last week & beyond! :)

It is a busy June! We have been busy with EQAO, Fun Fair, two school trips, presentations, Track & Field….and Graduation preparations! Welcome to the first blog post in a while 🙂


Reading: We are deep into DRA assessments. It is wonderful to see the progress students have made this year!

Science – Biodiversity

We have been working on responding to Nelson Literacy texts (Scientific Classification of Living Things) and online videos (How Wolves Change Rivers & Bill Nye: Biodiversity).


Half the class went deeper into what we know about proving ideas in science. Many students already learned what a hypothesis is, as part of the Scientific Method, last year….and certainly this year. As we touch on the role of evolution in the diversity of living things around us, many students will suggest, “I thought evolution was just a theory”. They are confusing theory with hypothesis. We learned today the difference between hypothesis (unproven idea/prediction) and theory (substantiated/proven idea):

The group also went more deeply into using their critical reasoning skills to determine what is a reliable scientific source online (difference between a peer reviewed study/set of information in a print (or online) scientific journal or website ( presented by various publications/organization (like National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute, etc.) with credentials


crowd-sourced knowledge (e.g. Wikipedia,, etc.) that is not peer reviewed/proven and can be full of misinformation and/or inaccuracies

Thinking about diverse species and how they are related in the “Living Things”  family tree, we considered this question:



Enjoying the beautiful weather and some active games!



In our Growth & Development unit, we have covered the changes of puberty and the reproductive systems, including an assessment. We have moved on to a familiar topic – relationships – with the intention of going deeper into the topic according to the Health curriculum. Our focus today is Self-Concept. We created “ground rules” for an inclusive classroom environment. Interesting to see how students thinking is deeper at the end of Grade 6:

We worked in a whole groups, and small groups to explore the concept of Self-Concept and the factors that influence its development.