Welcome, Class of 2018!

August 2017

Dear 6F Students & Families

It’s almost that time! (But not quite — there is plenty of time to enjoy summer!). I am very excited to start thinking about getting our room ready for September 5th! I’m especially excited to get to know everyone in our class a little better this year! Grade 6 is an exciting year for developing independence

  • organizing learning materials
  • keeping a daily agenda to communicate between home & school
  • reflecting on strengths & challenges, & setting goals
  • celebrating personal accomplishments
  • continuing to develop empathy & compassion for others & being of service to others, etc.).

I’m very much looking forward to being a partner with all students and their caregivers — and before you know it, we will be celebrating all of your growth together in June! I am proud of you already!

As you all know, we have a variety of seating options in our class & no desks or assigned seating. Everyone is free to move throughout the workday to find a work space that meets their needs. Our “flexible seating” options include: low chairs, high chairs, cushions, standing desks, and regular tables/chairs. Students will each have a small cubby area for personal items. The classroom will be supplied with shared items, too. Pencil donations are always welcome to supplement our classroom supply. (Where DO all those pencils go????)

SUPPLIES – If you would like to bring items to school, these are the optional items that we have space for in our class. (Please label any items with your name.)

· 1 small SOFT, regular size fabric pencil case (plastic boxes are bulky)
· Personal set of ear buds
· Pencils & Pencil crayons
· Scissors
· Calculator
· Dry erase markers
· One binder (1 inch) with 5 dividers (large zip-up binders are bulky)
· Glue stick
· Highlighters
· Personal device with keyboard, if desired for instructionl purposes only (iPad/ tablet/keyboard, laptop)

· Box of tissue (for wiping our end of summer tears – LOL – just kidding. Seriously, for cold season, i.e. September – June)
· Large noise-cancelling headphones if desired for quiet work times
· 8 x 11 inch (or smaller) sketchbook (if you are a doodler)
· Fidget tool, if that helps you focus…not for use as a toy. (e.g. spinner or squishy object – not a ball, please)
· Daily Agenda with pouch for “to do” lists & taking home important papers

AGENDAS – Each student will have the opportunity to purchase a Rousseau Agenda for a nominal fee
· These Agendas have space for students to make daily, personalized lists of important reminders. They also have a plastic POUCH for putting important home & school communication. Students are in charge of tracking their responsibilities in our grade 6 class, and Agendas are an important tool to put students in the “driver’s seat” of their own organization.
· Agendas will be checked daily by the teacher and are an important tool for communication between students, caregivers and the teacher. Caregivers and the teacher can communicate with each other by writing in the Agenda, too — and sometimes these handwritten notes will be seen before email is checked.
** A general list of reminders will often be posted on our class blog, but individual student lists will not always look the same, depending on many factors. Students will benefit from making their own personal daily lists, both academically and in relation to developing their Learning Skills **

DEVICES – Students are welcome to bring their own devices for learning, if they like — an iPad or other tablet with keyboard & Google Docs app installed, or a Chromebook, Laptop, etc.. All devices & charging cords must be labelled with your name. We have several classroom devices for student use as well.
WE HAVE AN HWDSB RULE THAT DEVICES ARE USED FOR INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY (= school work only). This rule is for everyone’s privacy and safety, and for maximizing everyone’s academic achievement. Any “screen time” in the classroom is classroom learning time and the teacher must always be aware of what we are using devices for. Our devices are powerful learning tools and we are so lucky to have them! (Related to this, families are always encouraged to reach students through the Office only during instructional time — in order to avoid distractions in the classroom.)

CURRICULUM – Are you even a little bit curious about what we will be learning this year? You can check it out anytime.  Click here to be redirected to the Grade 6 Ontario Curriculum”.     Otherwise, you can always search “Ontario Curriculum” in your internet browser, and follow the links to the Grade 6 expectations,  listed by subject.

COMMUNICATION – Primary communication occurs through the Agenda and phone calls or email when necessary. However, be sure to also visit our Class Blog, “Fawcett’s Class”, & enter your email address in the box to Subscribe to receive regular updates. Parents & students can receive regular updates when they subscribe:  http://fawcettsclass.commons.hwdsb.on.ca

TWITTER – Anyone can follow our class tweets @FawcettsClass , even without a twitter account

HOMEWORK – Homework must be meaningful. Homework is “work that students do at home to practice skills, consolidate knowledge and skills, and/or prepare for the next class” (Growing Success, page 148). In our class, homework will consist of nightly reading for pleasure and completing work not finished in class (it is very important to use your class time well!)…and may also include other activities such as gathering information (e.g. collecting family history facts for a social studies activity), explaining new concepts to a family member (we can learn better by teaching others what we worked on in class that day), practising skills that need extra attention (on an individual basis, identified by the student and/or teacher after reflecting on daily work), etc..

I hope everyone has lots of fun between now and September 5th! I can be reached me by email with any questions at mfawcett@hwdsb.on.ca

See you in September!
Ms Fawcett