Day 8 – Sept. 14th, 2017

LITERACY – Reader’s Theatre

We began the day sitting in a large oval, reading our script for Reader’s Theatre. While we work through decoding the words, we are focused also on Oral Communication/Speaking skills. A great first read through! The script deals with themes of peer pressure, and is quite humourous 🙂


All the grade 6 students came together in our classroom today to express what they think and feel about “Leadership”. Using several scenarios from our life at Rousseau (school spirit, announcements, monthly assemblies) as well as the idea of a positive & inclusive school culture, students shared ideas of what leadership means to them. They also shared what they think leadership is and what student voice are.

Interestingly, the majority of students answered the questions from the point of view that all students are leaders that can set a good example! This was wonderful. Some students did think beyond their role as an independent role model towards the idea that student leaders can also help to organize groups of students, and still others thought beyond being a leader who “organizes things” towards being a leader who inspires & encourages. We will work towards an understanding of servant leadership, which is related in a way to the quote on our door today:

                                       “Great leaders don’t set out to “be” a leader.                                            They set out to make a difference in the world”


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