DAY – Nov. 6/78, 2017


Students have generated and answered three questions about the Canadian Legion poppy campaign:

  • How did the Poppy Fund start?
  • What happens to the money that is collected?
  • What is the Royal Canadian Legion


We continued writing our essays about indigenous people on the prairies.   Students needed a refresher mini lesson to show them how to develop and organize ideas inside paragraphs. Ms Fawcett shared a simple  one sentence paragraph that strung together the ideas about the Indigenous way of life (from the word web — The ideas in the word web were collected by the whole class and organized by the whole class). Ms Fawcett modelled how to

  • divide the long run in sentence into separate sentences
  • how to link connected ideas together  (eg using cause-and-effect)
  • how to expand on the ideas to demonstrate our understanding of the social studies learning.


We discussed the answer for recent assessment question.

Student then took the experience from this modelled answer and worked on answering a similar question independently:

Class 6A is selling jars of pickles. The pickles are free for Class 6A, but the jars cost $4 each. If they sell a jar of pickles for $12, how many do they need to sell to collect $420 from the customers?

#jars           $ collected





If they want to raise $1000 for charity, how many jars do they need to sell? Use patterning (a T-table).

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