Mon., Nov. 27 2017 – MATH (plus last week!)

MATH – Data Management/some Number Sense

We’ve been exploring how displaying data in a line graph can give different impressions (e.g. stretching a scale can make a gradual upward trend look like a sudden upward trend). Why might a person want to change the impression their line graph makes?

Spaced out x-axis shows a gradual change:

Compact x-axis shows a more sudden change:


We have been interpreting graphs….by noticing what they show (evidence)….and drawing inferences and conclusions


We have been comparing different graph types (previously learned in other grades: circle graph, pictogram, bar graph) and how they accurately show data….or how they show estimates. Correct answers to last Friday’s work is shown below….tonight students will be working on bumping up their answer by explaining all of their thinking (how they used benchmarks, etc.)












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