Tues., Nov. 28, 2017 – I Am Not a Number, Point of View, Scatter Plots

LITERACY – Oral Communcation/Comprehension (“read aloud”), Drama

We immediately felt an emotional response to the book “I am not a number”, by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer. The authors included some detail we had not considered before, and we had a strong emotional response. It was a bit more upsetting than the book, “Fatty Legs”

  • It’s better, information wise, to get an idea of what it was actually like – m
  • Better to know our countries past and to be more aware of what happened
  • Good to be informed about how her past has been but sometimes it’s not good to learn right away because there are details that we aren’t ready to learn yet.
  • [The Class decided they were ready — we started with Fatty Legs and we’re ready to move on.]
  • It’s better because it can help us know how the character actually feels when she’s going through it.
  • It’s good to know more but it is disturbing

Our questions for one of the authors,  Jenny Kay Dupuis:

Critical thinking: Compare & Contrast

We compared and contrasted  books about residential schools that we have read: Fatty Legs and I Am Not a Number

DRAMA – Corridor of Voices

We practised “Corridor of Voices” as a strategy to deeply explore points of view. Using a simple “I want to eat a cupcake VS I shoukdn’t eat a cupcake” as an issue to explore, we got familiar with the drama technique. Tomorrow, we will practice the strategy to infer & explore the conflicting points of view that the Indian Agent in “I Am Not A Number” could be experiencing (Critical Literacy —-> examining missing points of view).

MATH – Data management

After measuring everyone’s height in the class and recording their month of birth, we prepared to graph the data using a scatter plot. We worked on a T-table today & will graph tomorrow.

We’ll discuss if the scatter plot should or should not be turned into a line graph, and why (or why not). Then we’ll observe….and finally, interpret the data.



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