Dec. 18 2017 – review Social Studies (communities), Flight (science) from last Friday

LITERACY – Social Studies (Canadian Communities, Past & Present)

We created our own timelines….and then one as a whole class (below) for review for tomorrow’s test. Are there any items we have left off from our unit?

Review from earlier:

Read Aloud – The Christmas Menorah

We changed this title when we read to “The Christmas Hanukiah” (name of the menorah used specifically for Hanukah).  Can students please write a 5 sentence summary in the comments below?  A short summary is very tricky….think BEGINNING,   MIDDLE,    END.



We’re learning a New Year’s themed song for the Winter Music Assembly — Thursday, Dec. 21st  @ 2:30pm

DPA Fun!

2 comments on “Dec. 18 2017 – review Social Studies (communities), Flight (science) from last Friday

  1. Nathan says:

    There was a kid named Issaac who celebrated Hanukkah. He had a Hanukiah in almost every window in his house. One night when he was doing his homework he heard a loud crash coming from his room. He ran to see what happened and a rock was laying right on the ground in front of him. When his parents got home he told them the bad news. His parents immediately called the police chief. At the end, ssaac and his mom went on a drive to see all the Hanukiahs on everyone’s window which made all the bad violence go away. The Christmas Hanukiah Summary, Nathan

  2. Luka Fucic says:

    Issac is a Jewish boy.
    When he was doing his homework a rock smashed through his window.

    The police chief thinks it is safer to take down the hanukiah.
    The mother tells the whole town what happened and they are saddened and want to help.

    The whole town worked together and every one put a hanukiah.

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