Wed., Dec. 20, 2017 – Social Studies assessment, Art

LITERACY – Social Studies

Students had the opportunity to celebrate their knowledge about communities in Canada – we’ll post some oral explanations of our learning on SeeSaw tomorrow. Students were able to use their higher order thinking skills to compare the experiences of several groups in what is now known as Canada — this includes the following perspectives from the 1800s to 1910:

  • Indigenous people
  • European colonizers
  • Chinese Railway Workers
  • Black Loyalists
  • A variety of immigrants from European countries:
    • Jewish people from several parts of Europe
    • people from the United States
    • people from England, Scotland, Wales (Britain), Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Italy, etc.


Mr. Obermeyer kindly considered an idea that Ms Fawcett found on Pinterest for art today!

Check out some of the beautiful works in progress!  Thanks Mr. O for supporting students with their blending and perspective skills!



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