Jan. 8, 2017 – Flight, Summarizing & Questioning, Large numbers

Students had a terrific first day back! Thank you to guest teacher, Mr. Fischer, for facilitating learning in our classroom today.

LITERACY – Independent Reading

Students continued to practice the reading comprehension skill “visualizing” on sticky notes, with their independent reading book.

LITERACY – Science (FLIGHT)/Reading Comprehension strategies (summarizing, questioning)

The class worked together to gain an understanding of how lift is created and the basics of the four forces of flight. Then, they broke into small teams to summarize information from Nelson Literacy on subtopics: air resistance, reducing dragangle of attack, how birds & helicopters fly, how landing happens. Students presented information in a visual format (shared whole-class google slides presentation), and if time, generated questions about their sub-topics & answering them.

Here are the original text/pages, and student work with my feedback — groups will respond to feedback tomorrow and we will have a complete Google slides presentation. We will present orally as well. We will look at questions & be sure to practice generating deep questions for inquiry (rather than simple one-search-one-sentence-answer-type questions).

Here is our Whole-class Slides Presentation “Take Flight” so far……….screen shots show my feedback. Students will  work on improving these slides further tomorrow.

Ms Fawcett’s best advice for summarizing (and not plagiarizing): 

  • Read a short paragraph….
  • close the book….
  • discuss the ideas with others in your group…
  • attempt to put your new learning into your own sentences verbally…..
  • then put your new learning into writing, using important vocabulary but not the same sentences.


MATH – Large Numbers/Place Value

We began reviewing representing numbers —

Standard Form   3 543 261

Expanded form 3 000 000 + 500 000 + 40 000 + 3 000 + 200 + 60 + 1

Words    three million five hundred forty three thousand two hundred sixty one


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