Mon., March 26, 2018 – Oral Communication, Autumn Peltier – water protector; Math

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When we learned the formula we understood EXACTLY why it works….because the formula for volume is the area of the prism face (a rectangle) multiplication lies by the height of the prism.

So the formula has to be applied in a particular way:

V = length x width x height

where the length x width is the area of the rectangular face


We noticed that we can calculate volume of a rectangular prism from two (2) points of view….here we have highlighted two rectangular face views.

AGAIN, the order of numbers in the formula are important and apply directly to the order: length x width x height of the prism


Another example:


Our next step was to work in groups of three to under how we would find the volume of a TRIANGULAR prism. We’ll take a close look at those tomorrow.


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