May 31, 2018 – Dance, Fractions & Probability, Biodiversity



LITERACY/Science (Biodiversity)

We’re applying all of our knowledge about Biodiversity to our inquiries about Invasive Species. Students are able to bring their knowledge of living things, balance & interconnectedness within communities/food webs, and classification (including structural, physical & behavioural characteristics) to the process of answering their inquiry questions.

Quick check in with the class: ”How many things have you learned about your invasive species in the last 15minutes?”


MATH –  Comparing fractions & mixed numbers (May 30th)



We used tree diagrams to work out the probability of events. Here is a textbook example & todays class example:

May9 2018 – Fractions, Decimals, Percent

MATH – Fractions, Decimals, Percent

We began by practising “eyeballing” or estimating  benchmark fractions — fractions that we can visualize without measuring.

When we see fractions represetedWe can compare circle graphs to the following benchmarks in order to estimate the size of a fraction/sector of a circle graph.


We were challenged to estimate how much gas is in Ms Fawcett’s car today.