Nov. 5 & 6 — Math, Literacy/Poppy Campaign


We will be continuing with our Data Management unit for the next week (scatter plots, bar & circle graphs; surveys). However, we have added some daily Number Sense practice each day. Regardless of the “main” unit we work on throughout this year, we will always do a bit of Number Sense each day. 🙂

Our Number Sense focus is currently multiplication strategies — with a bit of pre-algebra (finding missing numbers). SEE BELOW. Students have spent several years learning multiplication strategies, and many students do have their multiplication facts memorized at this point. Students can all practice memorizing & reviewing multiplication facts daily at home (up to 12 x 12).



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Is there a more efficient, high level way? YES @HWDSBmath @rousseau _hwdsb #6thgrade

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Still comparing groups of 9 in c) @hwdsbmath @rousseau_hwdsb #multiplication

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Students have shown great empathy & compassion for our Veterans by visiting classrooms and presenting the reasons why Rousseau students might wish to donate to the Royal Canadian Legion “Poppy Campaign”. We are learning context for this giving, by researching in groups the history of the Boer War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War and current Canadian involvement in conflicts in other countries.  We focused on the “HISTORY” section at this Government link:



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