2013-2014 (Grade 5)

Related to our First Nation Peoples unit, 5F students created artwork with Mr. Obermeyer, inspired by the art of the Woodland Cree and Northwest Coast First Nations (e.g. Haida, Tlingit First Nations).



4 comments on “OUR ART GALLERY

  1. Stephanie Marshall says:

    Fantastic work. I am impressed.

  2. Hozanna Johnstone says:

    That’s extremely impressive artwork kids…Well done!!!

  3. mfawcett says:

    So happy you both enjoyed it! It is a really neat selection of North West Coast-style art (e.g. Haida First Nation in British Columbia) and Woodland Cree-style art (Northern Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba)

  4. mrea1575 says:

    everyone in are class is very talented at art


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