DAY 20 – Oct. 4, 2016


MATH – Patterning 


We reviewed a simple increasing, recursive pattern.

(Remember, recursive means that we apply the same operation in the same way to every single term.

The first step is always to FIND THE GAP number between each term.





We reviewed alternating patterns — where two operations take turns being applied to the terms.

The first term experiences one operation (e.g. -3), and the second term experiences a different operation (e.g. -2) and so on in the same way. These two operations (-3 and -2) alternate with every other term.

The first step is always to FIND THE GAP number between each term. We noticed that the gap is alternating -3 and then -2.

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Two operations are applied to EACH term in the same way. It is a recursive pattern (each term gets the same treatment).

To find the two-step pattern, we can infer the first operation by looking for a pattern in the gap number.

The first step is still to FIND THE GAP number between each term.

The second step is to see if there is a pattern with the gap number.

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Independent work/Exit Card:


March 21/2014 – 2B/5F Buddy Time on World Poetry Day


We enjoyed “Buddy Time” with Mr. Berg’s class today! We extended this week’s poetry activities to our buddy time & had a blast!  Other times, we may create Art with Mr. B erg’s Grade 2 students, or sing, read books with each other, build something, play a game or any other activity the students might like to explore 🙂 We’re going to get together with our buddies and have fun every week!

Here are some reflections that students had about their positive feelings after Buddy Time today:

  • It feels nice when my partners treated me good. It makes you feel like you want to treat them the way they treat you – Grade 2 Student
  • It’s good to have a buddy because you can get to know new people – Grade 2 Student
  • I liked having a partner even though I’m shy – Grade 2 Student
  • I like my partners ideas – Grade 2 Student
  • It was fun thinking of ideas and drawing with my partners – Grade 2 Student
  • It feels good when you work together and people are niceGrade 2 Student
  • You get to know what they like at THEIR age!  – Grade 5 Student
  • It’s pretty awesome because we get to connect with other kids and share with them – Grade 5 Student
  • My partner is an extraordinary writer! – Grade 5 Student
  • My partner is super smart, really nice and he’s fun to be with. I found out he likes sports! – Grade 5 Student
  • Everyone was very interactive and we cooperated – Grade 5 Student
  • It felt awesome to have a responsibility – Grade 5 Student






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Backing up to earlier in the day….Our current 5F read-aloud is “Love That Dog” by Sharon Creech. The book is made up of a string of poems that tell the story of “Jack”. The book is written in Jack’s voice and the poems are in the form of a journal that Jack uses to communicate with his teacher. We never read or hear the teacher’s voice, but we can infer her feedback to Jack by all of his journal entries.  Jack begins the book by saying that only girls write poetry, but Jack is on a journey of self-discovery and his poems are getting better & better.

Today, we read Jack’s “Shape Poem” about the yellow dog he no longer has. We used all of our learning about shape poems today and were excited to share them with our Grade 2 Buddies. Our buddies were excited to  brainstorm about writing combined shape poems!