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April 9/2014 – Day of Pink & Student Voice @RousseauElemSch !

(Post in progress)

Happy Day of Pink!

Today’s morning announcement:

Today we join students and staff all across the Hamilton Wentworth District school Board in wearing pink.
We also join people in other school boards and places all around the world.
If someone is bullied, we want to stand up and speak out for them, in favour of acceptance and respect. We want to stand up for people — especially if they don’t feel that they can use their own voice. This is what wearing pink today symbolizes.
Some of us might not be wearing pink today because maybe we don’t have a pink shirt and that’s okay too. We don’t have to wear a special color to show that we will stand up and speak out together 365 days a year.
This is a great day for all of Rousseau to come together in support of acceptance and respect.




























April 8/2014 – Geometry, Media Literacy

Day of Pink is tomorrow!!

Please consider wearing the colour pink tomorrow, wherever you may be — school, work, travel, etc.. It is a symbol for standing up for those who are or have been bullied & it’s a great colour for anyone! Students and Staff all across HWDSB will be wearing pink tomorrow – we look forward to some great reflections from students on our graffiti wall and to some colourful pictures throughout the school!

“Day of Pink” Presentations were brought to 9 classes today! Thanks Owen L, Elliot, Iris & Seven, and Taylor for photography. Current students in our class vividly remember being visited by previous @FawcettsClass students in the past & they said it really impacted their thinking & behaviour related to acceptance & standing up for others. Permanent changes in thinking and/or behaviour = learning 🙂  Great oral communication skills shown today, following research, writing & multimedia presentation skills.

MATH:  Review of quadrilateral classification:

20140408-121453.jpg DSC_9713 20140408-123307.jpg 20140408-123743.jpg

Inside angle measurements:


DPA – Students practised their routines for tomorrow’s Gymnastics assessment

DSC_9677DSC_9681 20140408-152412.jpg

April 7/2014 – Day of Pink (Media Literacy): critical literacy, blogging, video/script, poster, announcements, image editing, SMARTboard/presentation


Today, we continued working on our media literacy mini projects – the theme is the International Day of Pink, which happens on Wednesday! We hope to contribute to the positive climate of Rousseau School by highlighting the importance of acceptance, respect & standing up for those who may be bullied. Day of Pink has been recognized at Rousseau (and HWDSB) for several years. Students have been building on their Media Literacy skills at the same time.
– image editing
– large banner for graffiti post
– blog posts
– announcements
– SMARTboard presentations
– persuasive letters
– scripts/videos
– critical literacy: modifying existing media works

Here is a poster created by 5F students Isabel C & Iris for Rousseau’s annual “Day of Pink”. Thank you also to Kailyn & Jae for modifying the Ram logo for the poster. Spring will be adding QR codes. The poster has elements of:
diversity (different shades of pink)
community (metaphor of bricks = building community)
positive school climate (e.g. respect, acceptance, kindness, peace & love)


Please check out this video created by Matt, Rohan, Isabelle and Emma:


Student photography today while we worked ~~ interesting perspectives. Thanks Matt R!
















We received a poster as part of a “pink day kit” and had a critical literacy mini-lesson the other day. Is the wording of the original poster on the right worded in a positive, proactive way? Does it make you feel empowered? Some students tried to modify the original, using the phrase we have heard from HWDSB on T-shirts. See below:


The students followed up with a letter to the company, with some feedback – take a look. What do you think?


Students from class 4/5O weighed in with their responses:
In support of the “Stand up against bullying” poster:
– it’s a very strong message because bullying is a problem and we want to stop it
– it would be good to keep the phrase “against bullying” because it tells you what you are standing up and speaking out about: bullying

In support of: “Stand Up, Speak Out” modified poster:
– it gives me two messages: it says to stand up and it also says to speak out which tells me what I should do next…”the other one, “stand up against bullying” doesn’t give me enough information about what I should do next
– it tells you what you should do (and the other one doesn’t really tell you what to do)
– “Speak Out” is telling us to use our words and that’s a good idea to use our words
– it sounds like something positive will happen– the other one (“against bullying”) sounds bad



We worked on review of 2D Geometry today — We will have a test on Thursday. Students can review lessons on the blog — here is a link created by searching the word “geometry” in the search bar here on the blog

 distinguish among polygons, regular polygons, and other two-dimensional shapes identify and classify acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles

 measure and construct angles up to 90°, using a protractor

 identify triangles and classify them according to angle and side properties

 construct triangles, using a variety of tools, given acute or right angles and side measurements

 distinguish among



Day Of Pink Story (In own words) by Connor

I am going to tell you a story (in my own words)

One day  a pig went to school  wearing pink (and  skin is pink) and a cow bullied him for wearing pink (even though his skin is pink and he cant change it ). 2 chickens witnessed it and emailed all their friends, and their friends friends.. and the next day every animal in the school wore pink except for the bully. It was a powerful moment.  And that is the story of pink day (in my own words)