Poem activity for April 11/2014

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a great day so far! 🙂

Today, you will finally be writing RHYMING POEMS —- but with a twist! Your rhyming poem will also tell a story…..
You will be able to get help with rhyming words by using a device to visit the website   www.rhymezone.com

You will be writing a poem based on a picture that you view —– be sure to hold the photo “up to the light like a colour slide” and put your ear up to “the hive” of the picture so that you can infer all the missing details!  You’re going to need to make inferences about the story that the picture is part of.

Here is an example:
A picture of a guard sleeping on the job at a museum.
A poem where the guard tells the story about what happened…..(notice that the guard doesn’t admit in the poem that he fell asleep — but he does mention that he doesn’t work as a guard anymore!)


Museum Guard (by TaraLynn, Grade 7)

I work in the museum,
guarding picture where everyone can see ’em.
It’s a picture made completely of tiles
I think it was made by some guy named Giles,
a picture of Romans in robes and sandals
and I have to protect it from thieves and vandals,
I was standing there, doing what I always do,
When I noticed I had to tie up my shoe

Now while I was down there, I did not realize
that the picture started rippling, then one of those guys
stepped right out, stepped onto the floor
I’m sure that’s never happened before.
In no time he was some distance away
and no one knows where hie is, to this very day.
All I know is I don’t have that job anymore.
I still work at the museum but now I clean the floor!