Fri., March 27, 2015 – Student Calendar + Grade 5 Social Studies instructions :)

Hi¬†Everyone! See you at 12:21 ūüôā


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What You Need:

  • a partner (teacher has the list of partners!)
  • an Aboriginal group to research (teacher has a list with your Aboriginal group!)
  • one (1) device —- Chromebook or Hub Computer
  • Internet
  • Google Slides app on 1 of the partner’s Google Docs account (one slide presentation for each group)


What You Do:

  • Find the LOCATION of your group in Canada on the “Aboriginal Peoples” map (at the end of this blog post)
  • Compare the LOCATION of your group to the “Traditional Ways of Life” map that¬†we saw on Tuesday (at the end of this blog post)
  • Infer the different ways your group may have used to OBTAIN FOOD & discuss with your partner
  • Research HOW YOUR GROUP GOT THEIR FOOD¬†using these websites:
    • Stew/Ben – THE INUIT — here¬†and here
    • Noah/Ryan/Connor K. – THE SIKSIKA or SIKSIKAWA (a.k.a. Blackfoot Indians) — here and here
    • Greg/Brady — The HAIDA — here¬†and here
    • Myles/Connor C. – THE CREE (not Plains Cree)¬†— here and here
    • Jude/Carson – THE WENDAT or WYANDOTTE ¬†¬†(a.k.a. Huron) ¬†— here and¬†here
    • Lexie/Dea/Elizabeth – THE OJIBWA or OJIBWE (a.k.a. Anishinabe) — here and here
    • Callie/Ava – THE BEOTHUK — here and here
  • Create a GOOGLE SLIDES Presentation showing HOW YOUR GROUP GOT THEIR FOOD

Here are the maps you will need:


Map Canada Aboriginal groups Early Contact