Grade 6 Links for Learning



  1. How much food do you need every day? (Canada Food Guide)
  2. What is one serving? (Canada Food Guide)
  3. How do we make the right food choices??? (Canada Food Guide)
  4. Enjoyment & Nutrition — is there a link to when & where we eat??? (Canada Food Guide)
  5. Mainting Healthy Habits (Canada Food Guide)
  6. Foods to limit (Canada Food Guide)



Math Engagement Survey – Sept. 13/2016

Patterns in Nature



“I Am” poem generator

How Wolves change Rivers – National Geographic (documentary)

Interconnectedness of living things – Jenga metaphor w/ Bill Nye


Introduction to Biodiversity – song with David Attenborough narrating (video)

Polar Bears – Ice Bear Expedition – video

Polar Bears – Summer Odyssey – Nature of Things (David Suzuki) – video

How Feathers Evolved – TEDx (video)


Commercial Planes taking off on YouTube

Wing Structure

Four Forces of Flight

Forces of Flight Quiz on Quizlet

Properties of Air

Human-Powered Aircraft

Aircraft Innovations 

Paper Airplanes

Static Electricity (20 min.) with BILL NYE

Current Electricity (25 min.) with BILL NYE on SchoolTube

Introduction to Current Electricity at

Complete this quiz after the first 10 minutes of watching BILL NYE


Static Electricity experiements @ LearningDesk

Build Simple Circuit @ Instructables

Electricity website @ KidsCorner

Soloar System project ideas

Space School @ National Film Board, Canada NFB

Earth revolving around Sun – interactive Science notebook idea

Mars – NASA evidence of flowing water 

Pluto – 1st photo of surface by NASA (all female team) – 2015

Planet/Star size comparison (video)


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  1. eeglite7377 says:

    #2 Chloe and Elizabete

    We think the answer is kinda hard to understand and it only has one reason for using Carla’s graph, but the answer is supported well.☺ We infer this is a level 3-

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