DAY OF PINK at Rousseau

Day Of Pink

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Day Of Pink

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Day Of Pink

         Day of Pink 2013

On April 10th, 2013 Rousseau School is participating in Day Of Pink along with many other schools in HWDSB and across Canada.

Staff and students will wear pink clothing to celebrate acceptance towards others. 


We wear pink on this day because of a boy who thought it was okay to wear pink. He wore pink to school and got bullied by one person who thought boys can’t wear “girl colours”. Two boys who saw this happening, decided to stand up and speak out. They sent out emails and texts to every kid in school using different social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The next day every kid in the school except for the bully wore pink. By doing this they singled out the bully and he was the different one. The kids stood up to the bully in a non-violent way and made a difference.

If you wear pink on April 10th it shows that you accept everyone for who they are and how they act. No matter boy or girl, pink or blue, you treat others equally. 

Today, students in our class began many things to promote this special day like:

  • a morning  announcement about PInk Day
  • making posters during Art class (already up in the hallways)
  • creating class SMARTboard presentations to present to classes next week
  • blog posts to share (and hopefully encourage other Rousseau students on the Commons to comment)

We hope to turn Rousseau pink on April 10th and hope that students will be able to stand up and speak out in their own situations.  That is why we think that this is a very important activity to participate.  So the class 5/6F is kindly asking if you wear pink on April 10th. So lets turn Rousseau pink! 

By: Madeline and Katelynn 

pink posters - collage

pink poster 1 pink poster 2 pink poster 3 pink poster 4
What are your thoughts about the Day of Pink? The importance of acceptance?

4 comments on “DAY OF PINK at Rousseau

  1. smcgrego8069 says:

    we think pink day is a great idea because no one judges you by what you wear because they’re wearing it too. also we think that it makes people happy knowing that they won’t get bullied.

    acceptance is VERY important because if there was no acceptance then everyone would be bullied

  2. jpark1821 says:

    What are your thoughts about the Day of Pink?

    The color pink is for everybody not just girls. Yes I see girls wear pink the most, but that doesn’t mean the color pink isn’t for boys, too!! So if you see a boy wearing pink, do not make fun of them because pink is just a color. So if you see a girl wearing black, green, blue will you make fun of them?

    The importance of acceptance?

    Its like your skin color it doesn’t matter what color it is. they are a human being like everyone else. we think making fun of skin color is bigger than making fun of some BOY wearing pink than why should you make fun of something that little of a deal. Cause it’s just a shirt how is it affecting you in some how.

  3. rbrankov9254 says:

    we think that the day of pink is very important not just for the boy that got bullied for wearing pink but for anyone that has EVER been bullied for wearing pink we think the day of pink is a way to accept and appreciate everyone around you to wear pink on april 9th it means to stand up and speak out for people that have gotten bullied before.we think that the importance of acceptance is soooo important because you should always be accepted and its kind of silly that people would make fun of a kid because of the colours he likes and maybe YOU should wear pink more often to show your day is not a day to act silly and wear a pink wig and dress up pink day is a day to normalize and you should be PROUD to wear pink.

    By:Emma & Rebecca

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