DAY 61 – Dec. 16, 2015 – Music

tree of music notesMUSIC

We made up for quite a few Music classes that have been missed lately 🙂 Some days become all literacy, and some days become all math, due to necessity – today it was mostly music 🙂 While a third of the class attended a Drama rehearsal with Mrs. Crocker for today’s play, “The Best Gift Ever”, the remainder of the class engaged in Independent Reading, and then began to practice our song, “Grown-Up Christmas List”.

Then, the rest of the class returned to us, and we had an excellent rehearsal of our song! We worked especially on sustaining notes, making an open sound with our head-voices, clearing up issues with pitch, and then posture (in the gym). It was amazing how the accoustics of the larger gym area enhanced our sound! The look of pleasure on students faces during this rehearsal was wonderful to see 🙂 More on our performance further down……


Mrs. Crocker had a turn teaching us Gym today – we enjoyed some much needed outside time!!



Mrs. Laws took us to the Hub — we had a choice of creating Christmas decorations or playing boardgames. We had a blast!



Several students were involved on stage in lead roles for this whole-school performance, led by Mrs. Crocker. More pictures to come soon, on the Rousseau website. Here is a photo of us, and a video of us singing our song, “Grown-Up Christmas List” 🙂



No homework today 🙂