DAY 159 – May21/2015 – Energy (Gr5), Electricity (Gr6), Health (Substance Use & Abuse)

French & PhysEd

We began with French and then phys ed. If you are 5/6F student reading this blog post, feel free to comment in the comment section but something new that you learned or skill or strategy that you worked on our developed in one of these classes! 🙂


Grade 5 – 

Comparing hybrid cars with regular cars, and planning our presentation. Thanks to our Instructional Coach, Mrs. Johnston, for joining us!  

Following last week’s debate, the wind energy group writing a letter to Provincial government either in support of or opposed to wind energy  

The solar energy group creating a Jeopardy game! 

Our Hybrid Car group presented:  

Grade 6 – Electricity

We experimented with rubbing balloons on hair! We understand the static electricity is the build up extra electrons on the surface of an object. It results from the movement of electrons from one object to another.

  • a positive charge on the object that lost electrons (the hair)
  • negative charge on the object that gained electrons (the balloon)


We rubbed the neutral/no charge balloon on our hair for a familiar result! (Thanks Isabel for sharing the electrons from your hair! 🙂 The resulting positive charge on the strands of her hair caused her hair strands to repel each other!) 


We discussed & planned how to move/race empty soft drink cans with a balloon that has a negative charge….that will happen next week! Students are encouraged to collect aluminum drink cans if they can 🙂

HEALTH – Alcohol

Yesterday, we made a list of our background knowledge about the effects of alcohol on the body (in purple on the picture below). Today, students brought two additional facts that they learned either from their parents or something they may have read last night online. We added these facts to our list (also in purple).

We cross referenced our background knowledge with expert information provided to us by OPHEA (Ontario Physical Health Education Association). The way that we cross-referenced was as follows : 

  • We read our personal copy of the expert list with partners
  • We compared the expert list to the list we made as a class — item by item. 
  • We checked off (or highlighted) information on the expert list that we already had on our anchor chart
  • We added other expert information onto the chart paper that was missing (in blue).


DAY 148 – Music Monday, Geometry, Energy (Gr5), Flight (Gr6)



We practised the anthem “We are One” for Monday’s “Music Monday” Celebration! The celebration will happen in the gym this Monday at 11:33 a.m.. Hope to see caregivers and families there! In addition to the whole school singing this song together on Monday, each class will also perform a song that they have learned in music class. We are singing a song in 3 part harmony with class 6R called “You Can Dance, You Can Sing”. It uses lyrics from Zimbabwe and is s really fun song!!

The Strings Program students will play, and our Primary Choir and Junior Choir will perform as well! Please join us! Here are some of our r elections after practising “We Are One” today:

The song makes me feel happy — it makes me feel like I can actually sing – Ryan

I feel like I’m not the best singer and I feel like I can sing this song – Noah

I think a lot of people like the song because the beat and the resume feels like a pop song, but when you stop and look at the lyrics it’s very different than a pop song – it has a deeper message than a lot of other songs – Stephanie

We are one – Myles

One thing I like about the songs that you can’t really tell what genre of music it is. To me it sounds like it’s different genres together – sometimes it sounds like a nice acoustic guitar, it also sounds a little bit country and at some point even a little bit rock ‘n roll – Ben


Grade 6 – Air and Flight – We worked on our flight inquiry. We reviewed the criteria for the “best” paper airplane that we begin brainstorming last week earlier in the week, and we added to the list. We tried to be focused on what actions (how does it fly?) we would observe when watching the flight of the “best” airplane in the left-hand column, and inferences about how those actions could be accomplished (design features) in the right-hand column. We worked with partners to create three prototypes that would help accomplish the criteria of the best airplane. We made a hypothesis about which airplane out of the three would be most successful and why. Then, we tested our airplanes by measuring the distance traveled, observing how direct flight path was, and how stable the airplane was.



If you are a grade 6 student reading this blog, please share how you might improve the best airplane to help it meet the criteria for success even more.

Grade 5 – Energy

Today, we experimented with potential energy and kinetic energy. 

We used the catapults that we made last week to launch cows and pigs! Ms. Fawcett shared a video clip with us from a Monty Python movie, which shows people in medieval times lunching animals to defend their castle! Instead of using the humorous and in accurate French from the movie (“Fetche la vache!”), we used real French! (“Obtenez la vache” and also “Obtenez le cochin”, since we used pigs, too!!) FUN!!!! We measured how far our animals launched, and we made some hypotheses related to the fact that the pigs were smaller than the cows.

Next week, we will share our data, and we will record all of our observations. Then, we will make inferences about why some of the catapults had different results than other catapults (conclusions).  We will discuss how we could store more potential energy so that we can release more kinetic energy. If you are a grade 5 student reading this blog, please reply as to how you think more potential energy could be stored in this experiment.

Here, we are hot  gluing plastic bottle caps onto the end of our catapult in order to have a “cup” to place our animal in.


MATH – 2-D Geometry

Both grades have math homework this weekend. Protractors have been taken home, and need to be returned on Monday – thank you! 🙂

Grade 5 – We learned about all of the features of a protractor. It is very important when reading the scale on a protractor to be choosing the correct row of numbers. After learning about the features of the printed numbers and scale on a protractor, we used our arms as a strategy to practice the direction that angles will open and which side of the protractor we need to read. We estimated the size of angles by counting by 10°.

Grade 6 – We learned about quadrilaterals! Then, we reviewed attributes of two dimensional shapes. We chose to attributes to focus on, and sorted a variety of quadrilaterals into a Venn diagram. Photos of student work (Venn diagrams) will be shared on Monday 🙂

(We crossed out the quadrilaterals that have reflex angles, because reflex angles are covered in grade 7.)


Nov. 12th-18th/2013 – Science Culminating Task, Visual Art with Mr. O

Whew! Another week has flown by. It has been refreshing and exciting and sometimes a little confusing — but students have definitely learned a lot of new information during our science inquiry! (Our next science inquiry will be more efficient as we learn from this experience together.) Enjoy the photos in the Storify story ~~ it starts with a short video I shot of the Learning Commons (Room 7), with projects set up. Tomorrow is our big day and we will have all of the Grade 5’s together from both classes! We start in the Computer Lab (PowerPoints, Google Docs, videos of interviews, role play, tv shows, debates, oral presentations etc.) and then move into the Learning Commons for display boards, experiments, and more video (on iPads, SMARTboard). Also in the middle of this Storify are some works of abstract art that students created in Art with Mr. Obermeyer.

Nov. 11/2013 – Remembrance Day, Literacy/Science

So proud of 5F today! Students performed at and “hosted” the Remembrance Day Assembly today. Bravo to Elise and Rohan for being our hosts ~ they performed the script wonderfully! We sang “The Strangest Dream” and Junior Choir members sang “On the Back of an Eagle”, “I’ll Be Seeing You” and “Flanders Fields” (set to music) with the choir. Owen L. did a phenomenal job reciting the poem “High Flight” to the entire school over the PA system, while students stood with admiration and respect for soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the freedoms we enjoy today. Thank you to the students of 5F!

To view photos from today, parents can click the link below and use the password they use on our school blog, Rousseau Ramblings. Below, I have also included a picture of today’s programme.

Rousseau Remembrance Day Assembly 2013 – pictures

Rousseau Remembrance Day Program


We enjoyed very positive comments from parents about today’s assembly including this parent comment left right after the assembly:
“A very well-done remembrance day ceremony today; very emotional. Thanks to all!”