Day 78 – Fri., Jan. 22, 2016 – Division, Writing Speeches, Research, Social Studies – Canadian Communities


Competitive Speeches – independent research 

Social Studies – Canadian Communities, Past & Present

BREAK 1 –  Basketball tryouts  

VISUAL ART with Mr. O  




Day 73 – Fri., Jan. 15, 2016

LITERACY/Social Studies

We previewed our brand new Social Studies text, Canadian Communities, Past and Present. Thank you to School Council/Rousseau families for making the purchase of this resource possible. It matches a brand new Grade 6 curriculum revealed last year across the province.

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DAY 62 – Dec. 17, 2015 – Literacy (Characterization, Inferring), Multiplication

This blog post is a work in progress – please be sure to check back later, too! 🙂


LITERACY – Media/Writing

Today we worked on Characterization (character development). When we can recognize how an author develops a character (today, through media/film), we can then transfer characterization skills to our own writing. After independently reading for a bit, we were introduced to a Graphic Organizer for Characterization — FAST Characterization (Feelings, Actions, Saying, Thinking)



We watched a Christmas season classic, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. We focused on the Grinch character and worked in groups to brainstorm his Feelings, Actions, what he was Saying, and what he was Thinking. (This will work very well for our next writing activity after the break, Suspense writing (grade 6 expectation — we will use the story to also map out the plot — see the Mountain organizer from Grade 5….)


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MATH – Multiplication (Standard Algorithm practice)

We played a Grinch-themed board game 🙂 🙂 🙂  Students start with 3 chips…….if they’re lucky, they proceed through the game board and get to GIVE AWAY chips. The person who gives all their chips away first wins. (Thanks to     for this idea —— it can be used with any level of math or other question).


The trick is…………….students had to answer a 3 digit x 2 digit multiplication question in their notebook in order to roll the die!!!!   (using Standard Algorithm ONLY, as this is the method we need most practice with). Students had a lot of fun, although you can see they were very competitive and concentrated very well 🙂





DAY 124 March 23, 3015 Read Aloud/Inferring (Stargirl), Division, Music



I couldn’t resist brightening up our classroom today with new centre pieces on our new tables — the centre pieces have a spot for a few pencils and pens and some bright flowers!


LITERACY – Read Aloud/Inferring

We enjoyed getting back into our class Read Aloud, “Stargirl”, after having spent so much of our Literacy time writing speeches these past weeks. Students made inferences about many things, and I modelled inferring throughout Chapters 22 & 23


MATH – Division

We reviewed the work we did on Division from before the Break — here and here.  ***Students are always welcome & encouraged to review prior information on our class blog!! ****    Today, we began learning and practising the steps for the Standard Algorithm for Division (a standard algorithm is a method where we learn steps or procedures — it does not necessarily illustrate an understanding of what division means or why it works, but the standard algorithm is a strategy that can be used quickly and efficiently. It is the strategy that most parents know well.)

We worked in partners and groups to practice the Standard Algorithm.

Thank you to students who led the taking up of today’s practice, which allowed me time to conference with individual students who needed assistance!

Here are some very accurate answers. Keep in mind that the highest achievement level for these questions would be a 3+. There is no “higher level” thinking involved in applying the Standard Algorithm. We’ll leave the higher level thinking for our upcoming problem solving questions.

Tonight’s practice:   #1   a,b,c,d

MUSIC – “If You Can Dance, You Can Sing”

This song is based on a Zimbabwean Proverb, from the country Zimbabwe, in Africa. We began the song before the break, and are working towards singing it, in two part harmony, with class 6R!  Perhaps someone who is reading this blog post for their nightly review can research and share with us a fact about Zimbabwe tomorrow????