DAY 175 – Tues., June 16/2015 – Volunteer Appreciation, Growth & Development, Science, Grade 6 Celebration (June 23rd)

Wow! We had a super busy day! There wasn’t much opportunity for pictures but here is a run down of our day:


We read independently.

Grade 6 students worked in their group to create a public service announcement about the impact of electricity and electronic devices on the environment.

Grade 5 students worked towards finishing their bridge blueprints today ‚Äď depending on how time was used, some blueprints are done and some are not. ūüôā Students who finished their blueprint will bring it home today with the materials required to build the bridge.

  • Grade 5 bridges ‚Äď due Tuesday, June 23
  • Materials: 100 Popsicle sticks, white glue (provided by teacher), student created blueprint

Students may not use any other glue besides the white glue provided. If they require more glue, students can bring their bottle to school the next day for a refill. No wood glue or hot glue, please. Bridges will be tested (with weights) to the point of destruction next Tuesday.


Thank you to all parent volunteers who have made our school trips possible and who have help to facilitate student learning in our classroom this year! The gym was a sight to behold today with decorated tables at the back and students at the front presenting various songs and poems for our wonderful Rousseau volunteers. Our class was ¬†joined by Miss Rankin’s class to sing “You Can Dance, You Can Sing”, and the Junior Choir sang our very jazzy version of ¬†“Blueskies” by Irving Berlin.


For various reasons, we held our grade 6 graduation rehearsal and the gymnasium today instead of Thursday. All students were in attendance, so it worked out really well! Students learned how they will proceed into the gymnasium at Monday’s ceremony (Junior Choir will sing them in!), where they will sit, how they will stand to line up for the certificates, how they will cross the stage and shake their teacher and Mrs. Bosher’s hands, who the special guests and presenters will be, etc.. ¬†We are very much looking forward to celebrating our grade 6 students!¬†

HEALTH – Upcoming Growth & Development Lessons

Thank you to parents who have sent in their child’s permission slip for the upcoming Growth and Development lessons. Please send in the permission slips as soon as possible ‚Äď thank you! ūüôā¬†Students will be taught using the current health curriculum from 2010 (not the new revised curriculum):

Grade 5 Expectations:

  • Describe physical, emotional, and interpersonal changes associated with puberty
  • Describe the secondary physical changes at puberty (e.g., growth of body hair, changes in body shape¬†
  • Describe the processes of menstruation and spermatogenesis
  • Describe the increasing importance of personal hygiene following puberty.


Grade 6 Expectations:

  • Identify the major parts of the reproductive system and their functions and relate them to puberty.
  • Relate the changes at puberty to the reproductive organs and their functions



May 26, 2014 – Dance, Science/Structures, Visual Art


“First Position” – Ballet Documentary
by Matt R.

“I like this documentary because it’s so motivating and sends a message telling us that anyone can dance: both genders, people with any color of skin, and any age (depends). This really “got me” because it was very inspiring. It sent a message to everyone that if they try, they can accomplish anything!”

Later in the day we watched a bit more of documentary. We also continued dance with Mrs. Crocker for our day 5 regular period — continuing Tinicling!

In Art with Mr. Obermeyer, we began our drawing for our Bridge Culminating Task. We will have about 100 Popsicle sticks and white glue….and a bunch of cardboard V-shapes for stability of the joints. We will create our bridge “blueprint” in class individually and speak or write to Ms Fawcett about the different aspects of stability & strength for our culminating task mark for Science (Structures).

We will build the bridge at home and for fun, we will test the stability & strength of our bridges by testing them (and breaking them) on Mr. O’s “bridge buster”.

Here is a sample LEVEL 2 bridge design (Science mark). The design is not strong because it layers the flat Popsicle sticks of the deck onto flat Popsicle sticks on the substructure:


[Note: The Art mark is level 3-, showing two views — although three views are required for a solid level 3, 3+, 4: top view, deck view, side view.]

We are architects! Check out our blueprints (on white paper ūüôā )


Be prepared to be wowed at the Rousseau Fun Fair Art Auction this year – we have a great & colorful plan!








May 23, 2014 – Ancaster “Dare to Tri”, Dance, Science/Structures, Media, Learning Skills Self-Assessment

Ancaster High School “Dare to Tri”¬† About 8 students from our class participated in the Triathalon or Duathalon today, organized by Rousseau parent and Ancaster High teacher Mr. Schurer! Well done! We are so proud of you ~~ congratulations for cycling, running and/or swimming today. You helped to represent Rousseau well. ¬† DANCE We began learning the German Schuhplatter! Thanks to Kai for showing us what he learned — it is SO MUCH harder than it looks! Students continue to add to our class “database” of dances with video links. Fun! At various times during the day today, some students continued with their research. Students continue to confirm their inference that understanding dance is a lot like understanding people — which brings us all together! At various times of the day, some¬†students worked on research for their contribution to our dance “database”. 20140523-124851.jpg ¬† LITERACY/MEDIA At the end of the day, we began to watch an interesting documentary about the world of ballet — shattering lots of interesting stereotypes about dance. The documentary follows a handful of dancing youth and gives us an understanding of their culture, experiences and strong character. One student from Columbia has moved to the U.S. without his family to study ballet and make a better life for himself and his family. Another student was adopted by an American family from war-torn Sierra Leone and hopes to break reach her goals and challenge¬†stereotypes about ballet and race. We watched as¬†another young boy excels in ballet and his military family juggles the logistics of military life to move to a country where their son can study with the best teachers. These athletes have amazing balance and are very skilled at many other endeavours as a result, like skateboarding! 20140523-154627.jpg ¬† ¬† SCIENCE Completing our Structures vocabulary quiz on paper & online 20140523-104627.jpg 20140523-104635.jpg 20140523-104650.jpg


LEARNING SKILLS – Self-Assessment

Thanks to @Dlittle7s @AncasterSrPS we were able to copy a Google Docs form he uses with his grade 7 classes for self-assessment. Some students began to work to complete a Learning Skills self-assessment. Everyone will have a turn.

20140523-104949.jpg 20140523-105247.jpg 20140523-105301.jpg


LITERACY – Advertisement Contest for¬†Rousseau & Queens Rangers¬†-“Touch a Truck” Fundraiser!

20140523-124149.jpg 20140523-124212.jpg 20140523-124309.jpg 20140523-124620.jpg 20140523-124649.jpg


FUN FAIR SEE YOU THIS THURSDAY FROM 4:00 – 5:00 P.M.. ¬†Our class ¬†will be working this week on our contribution to the “Art Auction” — you’re going to love it! ¬†Junior Choir will be performing at the event ~~ stay tuned for a reprise of some music from our Little Mermaid Musical and some other music! 20140523-161638.jpg

May 21, 2014 – Government (Social Studies), Junior Soccer Tournament, Science/Structures, DANCE

We went on a Government of Canada scavenger hunt with online sources and a shared whole-class Google Doc!





We spent most of the afternoon participating in the Junior soccer tournament – thank you to Grade 6’s & Mr. G for organizing! We had fun! Play-offs tomorrow!






At the end of the day, we connected with the Grade 5 students in Mr. Obermeyer’s class for a joint lesson on bridge-building for our culminating task. Soon, we will be bringing home 100 popsicle sticks each for our individual bridges and white glue. We will be working in class on our designs and doing the building/gluing at home. Today we learned how to make our three-view drawing (combined Art/Science activity).



We are currently working on research of dances! We will respond to dance performance, as per the curriculum, as well as learn to perform various dances, with help from online resources, students, parents ūüôā (?) and special guests. Currently, each student is responsible for posting information about one dance in our Google Docs “database”, including a little history and links to video resources they find on YouTube. We already¬†have two interesting entries — Scottish Highland Dancing and the German Slap Dance. In yesterday’s class brainstorming, we discussed that being familiar with dances from all over the world helps us to feel connected to people who have a different history and story to tell. Feeling connected to each other is always a good thing! Students brainstormed all sorts of excellent reasons why dance is beneficial and enjoyable. Here’s their thoughts, again, from yesterday: