DAY 114 – Mon. March 2, 2015 – Multiplication Test, Writing/Speeches


LITERACY – Writing/Speeches

We are continuing to use our revising checklist and editing checklist to refine our speeches. Some students are continuing to work on the rough draft, and other students are still gathering facts and ideas.

We had a mini lesson and great five to talk about how to use a revising checklist and editing checklist. It is important to only focus on one feature at a time – that means rereading our speeches many many many many times over!




Oral Communication

We practised delivering random on the spot speech topics. Our focus was vocal expression, gestures and facial expression. Once beaches are finished, and the teacher has a final copy, students can take them home and practice, and get feedback from the parents for delivery. No words or sentences may be changed.

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DAY 113 Fri. Feb. 27th, 2015 – Writing/Speeches, Multiplication



Twins! Always a funny moment!



LITERACY – Writing/Speeches

Students are at various stages of writing, according to their’s style and learning skills (responsibility, organization, collaboration, etc.). Some students are adding ideas to the organizer, some students are working on the rough draft, some students are using the revising checklist, and some students are using the editing checklist.

Each student must go through the process of carefully checking off items from the revising checklist and also the editing checklist. This requires reading the speech through several times.


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Our multiplication test is on Monday, and we are expected to demonstrate all three strategies for each question that we complete.

Today’s focus was on practicing the standard algorithm. Here are the questions, and final answers for checking at home….






DAY 112 – Thurs., Feb. 26th 2015 – Music , Phys Ed, Speech Writing


Today, we reviewed instruments of the orchestra, and their individual sounds. We referred back to the instruments in Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” in order to help us remember the sounds 🙂 we are working towards having a listening test, where we can identify the instruments and their family by their sound, and also identify how a composer use a certain instruments for a certain effect.


Phys Ed

Today we played a mix of two games that we already learned – it was cool! It was a mix of basketball and tails 🙂 students have pinnies tucked in to their shirts like a tail in the back and when students are dribbling during the basketball game, they are able to grab the tails and collect them. – Matthew



Our multiplication test will take place on Monday. Students will solve problems involving multiplication, and show each multiplication question answered with the three different strategies.

Today we delved deeper into the standard algorithm and practiced questions and partners.


In order to answer the questions, as the teacher I often use colors as a text feature to help organize ideas. For example when I multiplying in a standard algorithm, I chose green for the answers to multiplying by the digit in the one’s column and I chose purple to show the answers for multiplying the digit in the tens column. This way, it’s easy to keep track of the numbers that are being carried and to not confuse them. Students are always welcome to use colors to text feature and their daily work and their assessments.

As we work on math, we should always refer to the anchor charts with examples in order to know which steps we are expected to use.



LITERACY/ Speech Writing

Most insert finish spreading their facts and ideas for their speech, and are in the middle of working on the rough draft. Revising and editing are two separate processes that require special attention before a good draft can be written. 

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DAY 110 – Tues., Feb. 24th 2015 – SPCA Fundraiser, Dance/Drama, Multiplication, Writing/Speeches


S.P.C.A. Fundraiser

We showed our school spirit today with lots of animal ears, nose and whiskers 🙂 More importantly, our class was so excited to collect donations and new treats and toys for the animals in care at our local Humane Society, the Hamilton – Burlington S.P.C.A.. Wow! Rousseau really pays it forward again! More information on the school’s generosity will be coming up on a post of Rousseau Ramblings!


Here are Dea and Elizabeth, our student leaders for the S.P.C.A. fundraiser, posing with all of the item donations Rousseau families have donated! Wow!! We look forward to finding out how much money was donated by students. The school’s generosity is fantastic!

Dea Elizabeth SPCA donations


DRAMA/DANCE (with Mrs. Crocker)

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** Multuplication Test on Thursday **

Our focus is on using several strategies to solve problems involving multiplication (2 digit x 2 digit for grade 5; up to 4 digit x 2 digit for grade 6). Grade 6 worked in responding to feedback from yesterday’s multiplication word problems.



Grade 5 students began to see the relationship between our previous strategies (which use place value/expanded form) and the Standard Algorithm

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LITERACY – Writing Speeches

We are working towards having our rough drafts finished next Monday. Students are working at various stages, writing down their back ground knowledge & new knowledge gleaned from documentaries & interviews (Grade 5) and all of the above plus reading research for Grade 6.

For our Spirit Day in support of the S.P.C.A., we made various animal masks with our Grade 1 & 2 buddies in Mrs. Knight and Mr. Lees classes.

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Break Time

We love to dance during indoor play times!